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Register your iClicker2 remote in your iClicker REEF account

  • Important note: If you subscribe to the iClicker REEF app and do not plan to use a remote, then skip this section.
  • If you are using an iClicker2 remote, then do the following:
  1. Sign into your iClicker REEF account.
  2. Click the menu button.
    • The ☰ changes to an X
a screenshot of the Menu button turning into the X button  

3. Click the Profile icon.

a screenshot of the Profile button  

4. Click the Register Remotes link at the bottom

a screenshot of the Register Remotes button highlited by a red box  

5. Click the Add (+) button in the top right

a screenshot of the + button highlighted by a red box  

6. Enter the remote ID on the back of your iClicker2 remote (under the barcode).

7. Click the Save button.

8. You will receive a brief message letting you know that your remote was successfully registered.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the steps outlined in this document, please contact UHD TLS Training Services by calling (713) 221-8200, or by sending an email to