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iClicker Cloud Mock Polling Session: Teaching Aid

Many of your students are new to classroom polling. Before conducting graded polling sessions with your class, we recommend giving your students time to review the learning material about using iClicker. This teaching aid is designed to guide you and your students through a mock polling session that can be used to troubleshoot prior to high stakes polling sessions.


  1. iClicker Cloud – Instructor application used to manage courses, polling sessions, and grades.
  2. iClicker REEF – Student application accessed through phone, tablet, or any web browser.
  3. iClicker2 Remote – Physical remote device students can use in lieu of iClicker REEF app. Must be registered in students’ iClicker REEF accounts.

Distribute iClicker REEF learning materials to students

PDF Documents
To view, download, and print the UHD student support PDFs, go to Student Training Materials.
    PDFs include:

  • iClicker2 remotes vs. iClicker REEF: What's the difference?
  • Create your FREE iClicker REEF account
  • Sync your iClicker REEF account with Blackboard (see section 2 below)
  • Register your iClicker2 remote in iClicker REEF*
  • Participate in a polling session
  • Understanding iClicker scores in Blackboard
  • Reviewing iClicker session history
  • iClicker REEF Troubleshooting & Support
*iClicker2 remote users only
  • Give your students one or two class periods to review the iClicker REEF learning materials.
  • Ask students to complete steps 1 – 4 of the learning material prior to the mock session.
  • The mock session will assess students’ completion of the required steps and provide a chance to troubleshoot.

1. Help students sync Blackboard and iClicker

Tell students exactly where to find the iClicker LTI link. Consider creating a course Announcement in Blackboard that points students to the link. You may also want to create a Discussion Board Forum where students can discuss issues related to iClicker. Consider walking students through steps 1-4 in class.

1.1. View the iClicker Cloud Gradebook to see who has successfully synced

The iClicker Cloud Gradebook provides a list of students who have not yet synced to Blackboard.
  1. Open the iClicker Cloud Instructor application.
  2. Click Launch Gradebook in the top right corner.
      • A new tab will open in your web browser.
a screenshot of the Launch Gradebook button  

3. In the Gradebook, view the LMS Connection column.

      • A green dot indicates that steps 1 – 4 are complete.
      • No green dot means student has not clicked LTI link.
a screenshot of the LMS connection screen and the green dot to show you have accessed the link  

4. Clicking the Sync Scores to LMS button sends an email reminder to students who have not yet clicked the link.

a screenshot of the Sync Scores to LMS button  

1.2. View the iClicker Cloud Roster to confirm iClicker2 remote registrations

Students who use iClicker2 remotes will not pay the iClicker REEF subscription fee. However, users must register their iClicker2 remote ID in their iClicker REEF account AND click the LTI link in Blackboard. If students report issues, check your iClicker Cloud Roster to see if they have registered their remote.
  1. Click the Roster tab in the iClicker Cloud Gradebook.
a screenshot of the Gradebook button  

2. In the roster, check the Remote ID column.

a screenshot of the Remote ID  

Important note: Students may be prompted to pay a transfer fee if they are registering a rented or used remote.

2. What is needed for iClicker Polling

Now that students have reviewed the iClicker REEF learning material, created iClicker REEF accounts, and synced the course using the LTI link, you’ll want to run through a quick checklist before starting the session:

What Instructors Need
1. Flash drive with iClicker Cloud.exe standalone application. a screenshot of a thumb drive and the iClicker app icon
  • Keep the iClicker Cloud.exe standalone application on a flash drive.
2. Base unit with USB cable
a screenshot of the iClicker base unit
  • Use a base unit to capture responses from students using iClicker2 remotes.
3. Presentation file (e.g. PowerPoint)
a screenshot of the PowerPoint icon
  • The iClicker Cloud application and your presentation software are separate.
  • The iClicker window remains in front of the presentation window while polling.
4. Instructor remote (optional) a screenshot of the instructor remote
  • Allows you to present remotely and move around the room.
What iClicker REEF students need
1. Smart Phone w/ iClicker REEF app
2. Tablet w/ iClicker REEF app
a screenshot of a phone and the iClicker app icon
3. Laptop (or other WiFi enabled device) and website
a screenshot of a laptop with iClicker software loaded on it
What iClicker2 Remote students need
1. iClicker2 Remote a screenshot of the iClicker2 remote
  • Press the power button to turn on.


For a brief comparison of the iClicker platforms available to students, click link to view the student resource page.

3. Mock polling session


1. Sign in to the classroom PC.

      • Select Computer as the source on the podium control panel.

2. Plug the base unit into an available USB port.

3. Plug the flash drive into an available USB port.

      • There is an extra USB port on the base unit.
a screenshot of the iClicker base and thumb drive plugged into a USB port  

Start Session

  1. Open the presentation file.
  2. Open the flash drive and start the iClicker Cloud instructor application.
  3. Select the correct course in the left-hand iClicker Cloud menu.
  4. Click the Start Polling Session button.
  5. Ask students to join the session with their devices:
      • iClicker REEF – open app > click/tap class > click/tap Join button
      • iClicker2 Remote – press power button to turn device on.

a screenshot of the PowerPoint icon, iClicker icon, and the Start Polling Session button  


  1. Adjust your presentation to the starting slide.
  2. Click the POLLING button in the iClicker Cloud window.
a screenshot of the Polling option  

3. Click the blue play button in the smaller window.

a screenshot of the blue play button  

4. Have students respond to the question using A, B, C, D, or E on their devices.

      • Make sure the number of attendees matches the number of students participating.
      • Students can change answer until polling stops.
a screenshot of the multiple choice options  

5. Click red stop button to close polling.

a screenshot of the stop button  

6. Optionally, click RESULTS to display a chart column chart of student responses.

      • Click the correct column to give students credit.
a screenshot of the results option  

7. Repeat steps 3 through 6.

8. Click the X in the top right to end the iClicker Cloud Polling session.


4. Troubleshooting

  • iClicker REEF Troubleshooting
  • If iClicker REEF students report network errors, try the following:
  1. Close iClicker REEF app and reopen it.
  2. Put device in and out of airplane mode.
  3. Try logging in through a web browser.
  4. Turn off Wi-Fi and try mobile data (3G, 4G, LTE).
  • iClicker2 Remote Troubleshooting
  • If students report the “NO BASE” message on their iClicker remote, try the following:
  1. End the session.
  2. Unplug the base unit.
  3. Have students turn off their iClicker2 remotes.
  4. Re-plug base unit.
  5. Have students turn on their iClicker2 remotes.
    • Do this immediately after the first question and repeat until error is resolved.
    • If problem persists, point students to: iClicker NO BASE support page.
If you have any questions or comments regarding the steps outlined in this document, please contact UHD TLS Training Services by calling (713) 221-8200, or by sending an email to