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Reviewing your iClicker session history

Whether you use an iClicker2 remote or the iClicker REEF app, you can review your performance and participation in every polling session.

  1. Open the iClicker REEF app, or sign in to your iClicker REEF account at
  2. Click/tap your course to open.
  3. In the top part of the screen you will find your PERFORMANCE.
  4. At the bottom you will find your COURSE HISTORY.
  5. Click/tap a date to view a list of polling sessions.

a screenshot of the course history and polling session buttons 

6. Click/tap the poll to view the session.

7. Your session score will be displayed on the far right.

a screenshot of the poll and the session score highlighted by red boxes with red arrows pointing at them

8. Click/tap each question to view your results.


a screenshot of the individual question results screen  

If you have any questions or comments regarding the steps outlined in this document, please contact UHD TLS Training Services by calling (713) 221-8200, or by sending an email to