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Blackboard Learn Testing Best Practices for Students

Preparing for an online test

Make sure you are using a supported browser and operating system

See Supported Browsers for a list browsers and operating systems compatible with the current version of Blackboard.

Please note that mobile devices (smartphones, tablet computers) should not be used for blackboard testing and are not supported.

Use the “Test Your Browser” Page


Blackboard provides a page that analyzes your current browser and operating system for compatibility with Blackboard.

*Test Your Browser Now*

This page will check for:

  • Supported Browsers
  • Check to ensure you have a compatible version of Java.  
  • Check to ensure pop-ups are turned off.
  • Check to ensure third party file types can be viewed.

Do not rely on your battery

Be sure your laptop is plugged in to an outlet.

Avoid using wireless internet connections and hotspots

Plug your Ethernet cable directly into your router or modem.  If this is not possible, use one of our labs to take your exam. Lab availability information is found in our page.

Students can also take exams on campus, if interested more information is available at our computer labs information page.


While Taking YOUR Online Test

Save as you go

Save at least every few minutes, BUT if you’re answering questions quickly, don’t click Save repeatedly. Blackboard has an automatic save function that runs in the background during a test and clicking save repeatedly can interfere with the auto save process.

Allow time for the system to respond


Look for the green progress bar at the bottom of the screen. If the test presents one question at a time, your answers will be automatically saved as you go. You do not have to save each question.

Do not type essay questions in the test

Always use Notepad or Wordpad, save the essay to your computer, and then copy and paste it into the Bb essay dialogue box.


Double-clicking either the Save Answer, Next Question, or Submit buttons may cause an error.

Do not use the browsers arrow buttons to go backwards or forwards

If the exam allows you to go back to a previous question, use the back or forward buttons provided in the test window.
Use of the back or forward button triggers the Blackboard autosave function.