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The Telecommunications group holds the responsibility of providing and maintaining the University of Houston-Downtown's voice communications system and network infrastructure.

The University of Houston-Downtown uses Cisco Unified Communications to provide its community the latest technology in Voice over IP (VoIP) communications. This system provides services such as telephony, voice mail, call center, and other voice communications technology.image1.PNG


Who is eligible to utilize UHD's Telecommunication Services?
  • UHD Faculty and Staff
How can I request for a new Telecommunications related service?
How do I use my phone?
  • Please visit the "Cisco VoIP" section
How do I access my voice mail?
My phone is not working/I need a new handset cord
How can I access my department's monthly telephone charges?
  • Please visit the "Telecommunications Expense Management" page
How can I get a new network connection?


Last updated 5/23/2018 11:47 AM