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Blackboard Learn: Grade Center History

​Grade History is a tool that tracks all changes to grades within the Grade Center. It displays a table of data detailing every grade change in the Grade center to date.

See the Grade History of a Course

1. Scroll down to the control panel on the left, and click Grade Center. From the options that expand, select Full Grade Center.

Course management control panel with Grade Center expanded, click on Full Grade Center. 

2. In the Grade Center, click the Reports button, and select View Grade History.

The last tab in the Full Grade Center, hover over reports and click on "View Grade History".

3. In the Grade History area, you will see a history list of the Blackboard Grade Center for this particular course.

In the Grade History page you will see

4. You can download your Grade Center History.

The Grade History page has an option on the top left portion that allows you to Download the Grade History Spreadsheet.

5. If you have a large grade history, you may filter the history results so you can view shorter
time frames by clicking the “Days” drop-down at the top right, making your selection, and
clicking Go.

The main content area of the spreadsheet will show all the date, column and other information for each student or activity.

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Last updated 12/10/2020 12:55 PM