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Blackboard Learn: Course Cartridges

​Course cartridges are publisher-made courses, available to instructors that adopt textbooks with a course cartridge component. Not all books will have course cartridges available. Many textbooks have test questions but have no other course materials available, while other books may not have any supplemental material available at all -- your publisher representative can tell you more.
Course cartridges are essentially the same as e-packs for Vista. However, the process for setting up course cartridges quite different.

Requesting a Course Cartridge

One way to obtain a course cartridge is to communicate with a publisher representative for your textbook. Alternatively, you can use the Blackboard’s Course Cartridge Catalog at With either method, it is good to request the cartridge well in advance. If you wait until the semester is about to start, the publishers will be very busy with other requests.
The publisher will respond to your request by email, providing you with a Course Cartridge Download Key – a code that you use to get the course materials. This is different from Vista where you were given a potentially large file from the publisher.

Using the Course Cartridge Download Key

The code that you receive from the publisher can be put into any Blackboard Learn course, provided it does not already have course cartridge content in it.

  1. From the Control Panel, expand the Packages and Utilities area.
  2. Click on Import Course Cartridge
  3. a screenshot of the Packages and Utilites drop down menu with Import Course Cartridge highlighted by an arrow
  4. Enter your access key in the space provided and click the Submit button

a screenshot of the Import Course Cartridge screen with the access key and Submit buttons highlighted by arrows

When Blackboard has finished importing the cartridge content, it will let you know in an email, provided that you have your email address in your profile.
Your course may look considerably different after importing the course cartridge, depending upon how the publisher has designed it. Some content folders may now require that students have access codes, but instructors can still view these materials without needing a code. Moving any of the cartridge content will not bypass the code requirement for students.

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Last updated 11/19/2019 4:46 AM