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UHD Safe Zone Program

​Blackboard Website

Access to the UHD Safe Zone Program Blackboard site is granted upon completion of a new or refresher Safe Zone training workshop.  It is not an open website, but rather a resource exclusively for UHD Safe Zone Team members.  The Blackboard site allows some of the Safe Zone Program training materials to be moved online, freeing up limited training time for practical role play and situational practice and discussion.  Blackboard facilitates readily available materials that are easily updated and kept current.  More importantly, Blackboard enables easy use of an online discussion forum that will provide connectivity and a sense of community that was lacking in the previous incarnation of the Safe Zone Program.  In addition, Blackboard allows the Center Director to provide Safe Zone Team members with access to articles and other materials to create ongoing opportunities for members to increase their knowledge or LGBTQ issues and concerns, as well as to increase their effectiveness in providing a listening ear for LGBTQ campus community members who seek them out.

Last updated 9/13/2018 7:13 AM