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Staff Grievance Committee

The Staff Grievance Committee is elected via nominations provided by Staff Council. Members of the Staff Grievance Committee serve three (3) year terms and are required to have a minimum of two years of full-time staff employment at UHD at the time of their nomination to the committee.
To learn more about the staff grievance process, please visit UHD Policy PS 02.B.0​1.

Staff Grievance Intake and Resolution Form

Staff Grievance Committee Membership

​Name​Division - Department​Job Title​Term Ends
Arredondo, EdithASA - Library​Library Assistant III​Summer 2023
Cadena, Maria​AF - General Accounting​Accountant II​Summer 2023
​Davis, Heather
​ASA - Research & Sponsored Programs
Assistant Director, Post Award Services/Accountant
​Summer 2022
​Estrada, Ralph​ASA - Academic Advising​Academic Advisor II​Summer 2022
Evans, Debora
​AF - University Business Services
​Manager, Shipping, Receiving & Mailroom
Summer 2022
​Gonzales, Mercedes
​ASA - College of Public Service
Academic Advisor II
Summer 2022
​Guerra, Antonio
​ASA - Veterans Services
Coordinator, Veterans Services
Summer 2022
​Hartman, Cynthia
​ASA - College of Public Service
​Advising Assistant
Summer 2022
​Jackson II, Arthur​AF - Computing, Telecom & Video Networking​Computing Ops Specialist II​Summer 2023
​Kidd, Stephen
​AF - Facilities Management
Supervisor, Labor Shop
Summer 2022
​Lai, Sam
​ASA - Testing
Specialist, Testing II
Summer 2022
​Lacour-Tyler, Ruby
​ASA - M. Davies College of Business
Coordinator, Administrative Services
Summer 2022
​Lipp, Jacob​AUR - Advancement & University Relations​Director, AdvancementSummer 2023​
​Martinez, Rose​AF - Information Technology​Network Application Specialist II​Summer 2023
​Scherer, Rhonda
​ASA - Sports and Fitness​Associate Director, Sports & Fitness​Summer 2024
Patel, Hitesh​AF - User Support Services​Manager, IT Services​Summer 2023
​Rivera, Tabitha​AF - Police​Police Officer II​Summer 2023
Yegiyan, Mikayel​ASA - Institutional Effectiveness​Director, Institutional Data Analytics​Summer 2023


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