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​Upward Bound recognizes and values the tremendous influence parents have in preparing their children to be successful in college. When a child becomes an Upward Bound student, his or her parents and/or guardians become Upward Bound Parents.

Parents are included in yearly academic advising sessions and are kept informed of program activities and their child's progress in the program through phone calls and written updates. There are several parent workshops each year, and parents are welcome to participate in Upward Bound activities and college visits as chaperones or volunteers.

Parents are encouraged to actively participate in Upward Bound Program activities. The following are just some of the ways for parents to become involved:

Fundraising Activities
Students and parents help raise money for student scholarships through regular fundraising programs in the Fall and Spring.

Parents are welcome to serve as chaperones on Upward Bound sponsored activities including field trips, college campus visits, community cultural activities, and more.

Volunteer Parent Support Group (VPSG)
Parents who have students in Upward Bound programs are asked to provide input and feedback about Upward Bound services and activities. The board meets twice a year.

Parent Workshops
Parents are invited to participate in "For Parents Only" college-related workshops in the Fall & Spring. ​

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