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First Generation Students

 Are you a first-generation student?

If neither your mother nor father attended college, you are a first-generation student.

First-generation students are trail-blazers. They break down barriers, create new pathways, and often serve as educational leaders in their families and communities. Trail blazing means you may face new challenges, such as learning how to work with various people at UHD to help finance your education, strengthening the study habits you developed in high school, and managing your time to make room for work, school, family, and friends.

Why does it matter?

To achieve your dream of graduating from UHD, you must stay determined. You may need financial help. You will face challenges.

How will you meet the challenges?

Remember that you are not alone. Almost 70% of UHD freshmen are first-generation students. UHD President Flores was a first-generation student, as were many UHD faculty and staff, and each one has a story to tell and advice to offer. A few of their stories and some of their advice are offered here with the hope that they will help you meet whatever challenges you face as you work to achieve your dream of graduating from UHD.

President William V. Flores

UHD President Flores succeeded as a first-generation student.

You can too.

Graduating College Students 

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