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Center for Mathematics and Statistics Support

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The Center for Math & Statistics Support (C4MS2) seeks to develop a student’s ability to understand and apply mathematical principles and knowledge. Since tutors are available to answer questions on concepts and course materials,C4MSis a great place to work on math and statistics homework. Additionally, students are encouraged to work in groups and discuss homework exercises with fellow students. The C4MSseeks to maintain a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and reduce student anxiety about learning mathematics.

Tutors work with students to help them learn. This takes time and requires active participation from the student. Tutors will not simply give answers or do homework problems for the students – which do not facilitate learning -- instead, tutors coach students through their exercises. The goal of C4MSis to increase each student’s ability to understand and apply mathematical principles and knowledge, acquire better study skills, become more independent in learning, and excel in math classes.


Fall 2018 Semester

(Aug.27 to Dec.12, 2018)

Monday  Thursday
8 am - 8 pm
8 am - 2 pm
11 am - 5 pm


UHD, One Main Building
Rm. 925-North
Phone: 713-221-8669

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