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STAT 1312 - Statistical Literacy


  • Describe the utility and limitations of data and statistical methods for solving real-world problems.
  • Describe methods of data collection and explain potential pitfalls, biases, and ethical issues.
  • Demonstrate facility with the terminology, notation, and numerical methods generally found in an introductory statistics course, such as graphical summaries, measures of central tendency and dispersion and use these to compare data sets.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of probability and how it relates to statistics, particularly the ideas of randomness and statistical signi cance.
  • Demonstrate facility with basic inferential statistical methods, including con dence intervals and hypothesis tests, and understand when a particular method is appropriate, and the ability to interpret results in the context of a stated problem.
  • Demonstrate facility to use appropriate technology such as statistical software and/or calculators.
  • Formulate and communicate solutions to statistical problems in clear, grammatically correct, precise English.

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