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  • The Center for Mathematics and Statistics Support

    With tutors available to answer questions on concepts and course materials,C4MS2 is a great place to work on math and statistics homework.

Our Mission

Students smiling for the camera in the Math Lab

The Center for Math & Statistics Support provides tutoring services for mathematics and statistics and is available to all UHD students. The Center seeks to maintain a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and reduce student anxiety about learning mathematics and statistics. The Center is staffed with experienced and qualified faculty and peer tutors.

Tutors work with students to help them learn. This takes time and requires active participation from the student. Tutors will not simply give answers or do homework problems for the students – which do not facilitate learning -- instead, tutors coach students through their exercises.

Computers are also available for students to work on their online homework. Students interested in making an appointment for a face to face or online tutoring session may do so by registering for an account at The Center offers additional services, such as sponsoring study groups, providing space for student-led study groups, and conducting final exam reviews in collaboration with Supplemental Instruction.

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