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Announcement from: The Gator Success Center (GSC) Team

The safety and success of our Gators is very important to us, especially during COVID-19 situation in our city, state and country. Therefore, the GSC team is prepared to offer our services on line and through virtual appointments in EAB. Please use this link provided below to schedule an appointment with your Academic Success Coach.

We care and would like to hear from you.


Be safe, stay calm and study!


- Your Gator Success Team!

The UHD Gator Success Center is seeking College Students to serve as Peer Mentors  
Peer Mentor Fall'21 Application - Closed -

Gator Success Center Peer Mentoring 

Freshman students who choose to participate in the Gator Mentoring Program are paired with a faculty mentor and peer mentor within their college major. They will participate in various activities, both on and off campus. It's a great opportunity to build meaningful relationships with fellow students and faculty, and it's all designed to help you succeed in college!

What does a Peer Mentor do?

  • A Peer Mentor is a 2nd to 4th year student in your college.
  • Helps you learn your way around UHD and how college works in your first year.
  • Shows you from experience how to be a successful student.
  • Connects you to campus organizations, people, events and resources.
  • Attends Mentor Program activities with you.

What do You agree to do?
  • Attend all meetings with your Faculty Mentor and Peer Mentor.
  • Participate in all special events and activities organized for your group.
  • Read and respond to all communication from your Faculty Mentor and Peer Mentor.
  • Follow the recommendations made by your Faculty Mentor and Peer Mentor for your academic success.

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