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Freshman Summer Success Program Orientation 2015

  • Raffle winners for this year FSSP'15

    See You All In The Fall.

    ​Participating in the Freshman Summer Success Program fulfills your orientation requirement.

  • Make new connections on your path to your degree.

    Prizes for Participation

    See all the great gifts and prizes participants received this year.

  • Students on the Hunt

    Students on the Hunt

    ​The Annual university-wide "Scavenger Hunt."

  • Opportunites are only one stop away.

    Just a Train Stop Away

    ​Opportunites are only one stop away.

  • What Is Work Without Play

    ​What is college work without some recreation?

Building Bridges, Crossing Borders:

Opportunities for Meaningful Community Engagement

This four-day expanded orientation program will emphasize academic preparation, problem-solving skills, and the university's commitment to promoting social responsibility through service which fosters community engagement to address real needs. At UHD we strive to provide students with high-impact educational experiences that ensure that they will graduate with 21st century skills while encouraging them through community engagement opportunities to address the systemic problems where service can contribute to social change, improve social justice, and address structural inequality.

Community engagement is at the heart of UHD's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), an institutional focus dedicated to transforming the learning process and maximizing student success while fulfilling the mission of the University to serve the communities in which we live. Studies indicate that community engagement positively impacts student persistence and graduation rates, institutional outcomes that are important to students, UHD, and the community.

Common Reader Book of Luis Alerto Urrea: Into the Beautiful NorthThe theme of the 2015 FSSP is informed by the work of Luis Alberto Urrea, author of the freshman common reader, Into the Beautiful North, a novel about immigration, border politics, and economic struggle. Through his humanizing portrayal of immigrants as well as their adversaries we learn the essence of "community" and how we can be powerfully transformed in our words, in our awareness, and in our actions through our personal involvement. Crossing over those


An Exclusive Four-Day Expanded Orientation Experience

Participating in the Freshman Summer Success Program fulfills your Orientation requirement!

All incoming freshman students and freshman transfer students attending UHD for the first time are required to attend a two-day orientation program before their initial semester of enrollment begins.

The Freshman Summer Success Program is an expanded orientation experience with direct access to university faculty teaching simulated academic classes and the financial incentive of earning a credit of $300 (in the form of an account established in your name) at the University Barnes & Noble Bookstore for the purchase of books and supplies.



Contact: Branden Kuzmick 
713-221-8046 (office)
713-775-6949 (cell)

Space is limited each week to the first 150 students who apply! REGISTER TODAY!

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