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Teaching Circle Topic Groups 

​Fostering Engag​ement in the Classroom
TCs under this them​e will explore and develop learning activities that improve student engagement and increase their student's abilities to critically analyze and communicate complex ideas. Participants will develop in-class activities and teaching behaviors, practice the activities with their peers, implement strategies in the classroom, and evaluate their success. Assessment of engagement strategies should include student completion of a nationally recognized student engagement survey. Finally, participants will create a portfolio that documents their work in the TC.

Freshman and University Seminars

The primary tasks of TCs in this community are to provide professional support and feedback for current seminar instructors, and to create an archive of reusable material for future seminar instructors. Instructors will share syllabi, tips, lessons, strategies, activities, technologies, assessments, etc. for teaching Freshman and University Seminars and modeling learning strategies while covering course content.

Online Course Design and Content Delivery
The task of engaging and retaining students in online courses presents a unique but surmountable challenge. TCs in this topic group will work together to improve the design of a specific online course or to implement strategies related to student engagement in an online environment. TCs in this topic group will be able to integrate their efforts with CTLE sponsored programs, workshops, and webinars provided by either Quality Matters (QM) or the Online Learning Consortium (OLC). The TC may even elect to request that available resource funds (Up to $1,000 per year see Group Application) be used for funding a QM managed course review.   

Collaborative Classrooms and Creative Use of Learning Spaces
In recent years, UHD has renovated a number of classrooms to accommodate collaborative learning and encourage student engagement. TCs in this community have the option to explore the use of existing collaborative classrooms at UHD, design and assess teaching approaches uniquely suited to those spaces, or identify and evaluate uses for other learning spaces on our campus.

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