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​Looking for a face-to-face opportunity to grow as an online instructor?
Back for another year, the very popular and well-received UHD Online Teaching Certificate Program is accepting applications for the Spring Break and Late Summer cohorts! This is a joint effort between the CTLE and the TTLC, and the course meetings are facilitated by several engaging presenters, including a guest trainer from Blackboard. This program covers a full range of topics in online teaching from both the pedagogy and technology sides of the house. There is also an eBook in the program, and it is provided as a zero-cost item thanks to the W. I. Dykes Library. There are only 12 spots available in each cohort, so apply today! Cohort 1 meets March 9-13, and Cohort 2 meets August 10-14. There is some online work to do in advance of the week-long event, as well as some follow-up work to do afterwards. Sessions are Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 3:30pm each day, and lunch is provided. There is no stipend associated with this initiative.
 All faculty may apply (adjuncts included!), but there are some prerequisites. Learn more about the program by reading the call for applications. A brief message of support from your chair and/or program coordinator is required by the application deadline as well. Applications can be submitted using this online mailform. Cohort 1 application deadline is noon, Friday, February 28 and Cohort 2's is noon, Friday, July 31.

Call for Applications:
Online Application: 

UHD Online Teaching Certificate Program Completions

2019 Completions

              Dafne Basave, Arts & Communication
              Sylvia Bennett, Finance & Mgmt Info Systems
              Gabriela Bowden, Natural Sciences
              Yuchou Chang, Computer Sci & Engr Technology
              Vaishali Chaubal, Natural Sciences
              Nina Das, Natural Sciences
              Judith Harris, Criminal Justice
              Zeenat Mitha, Arts & Communication
              Donald Musselwhite, Natural Sciences
              Gloria Okome, Natural Sciences
              Laura Ruth Parker, Social Sciences
              Dvijesh Shastri, Computer Sci & Engr Technology
              Benjamin Soibam, Computer Sci & Engr Technology
              Antoinette Wilson, Social Sciences

2018 Completions

             Franklin Beckles, Natural Sciences
             Carol Brace, Mgmt & Insurance Risk Mgmt
             Luis Cedeno, Finance & Mgmt Info Systems
             Raquel Chiquillo, History, Humanities, & Languages
             Mehdi Esmaeiliyan, Natural Sciences
             Adnan Javed, Finance & Mgmt Info Systems
             Cynthia Lloyd, Accounting & Int’l Business
             Toya Mares, History, Humanities, & Languages 
             Meghan Minard, Natural Sciences 
             Heather Sartain, Natural Sciences
             Shahnaz Savani, Social Work
             Dalia Sherif, Accounting & Int’l Business
             Candance TenBrink, Mgmt & Insurance Risk Mgmt
2017 Completions

           Dietrich von Biedenfeld, General Business, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management
            Yesenia Chavez, Arts & Humanities
            Sharin Elkholy, History, Humanities and Languages
            Shannon Fowler, Criminal Justice
            Heather Goltz, Social Work
            Erin Hodgess, Mathematics and Statistics
            Yih-Yaw Jou, FAEIS
            Sujata Krishna, Natural Sciences
            Djuana Lamb, MMBIA
            Charles LaMendola, History, Humanities, and Languages
            Kira Laws, MMBA
            Maria Macleod, Urban Education
            David Maldonado, General Business, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management
            Rebecca Pfeffer, Criminal Justice
            Sam Sen, Natural Sciences
            Alex Wathen, Social Work
            Alicia Yancy, Accounting and International Business

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