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Online Teaching Certification Program

​The Technology Teaching and Learning Center and the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence have teamed up to develop a new faculty development offering for instructors interested in taking their online teaching to the next level. Representing 34 hours of coursework, the program covers best practices in online instruction and how those strategies can be best deployed using our learning management system (Blackboard), other UHD technology tools (Zoom, MediaSite, TurnItIn, Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor, etc.), and additional services and resources available through the W.I. Dykes Library, the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, and the Technology Teaching and Learning Center.

Faculty who complete the program will have their work showcased here. ​​Here's what they're saying! Click on a faculty member's name to view a demo video on what they learned in the program! 

Cohort 1: Spring Break 2017
Yesenia Chavez (Arts & Humanities)
"There are several practices and tools I found very useful during this wonderful training at UHD that will help me to improve my online teaching as well as my face to face classes. There are three things I will implement: Zoom, more interactive forums and the retention center."

Heather Goltz (Social Work)
"Here is my video demonstration of "lessons learned" from the Program. I am really excited about some of the revisions I will make in my online course and will be dedicating a good bit of time this summer to this new endeavor.​

Yih-Yaw Jou (FAEIS)
"My video is about how I plan to use the Retention Center to improve the student retention rate in my courses. To improve student retention is very important to our university. To achieve this goal, there were several tools shown to us during the online certification program. One of them that I find very useful is the tool of Retention Center in the Blackboard."

Djuana Lamb (MMBA)
"My name is Djuana Lamb and I am a lecturer in the Marilyn Davies College of Business where I teach courses in Human Resources and Business Management.  I decided to take the UHD Online Teaching Certification class because I wanted to learn how to use tools that would improve the effectiveness of the classes I am teaching online.  The class met and exceeded my expectations.  Through the workshop-type sessions, I learned to use a number of Blackboard and internet-based tools, some of which I have already incorporated into my  classes.  This link below is a demonstration of how I used Zoom to develop a short video lesson for my students in a recent class.  To accompany this video, I also used the Lesson Module template that I learned about in the training program  to provide students with a host of resources they would need to use to complete their class assignment."

Kira Laws (MMBA)
"As part of my action plan, I will partner with the CTLE for consultations on effective teaching and learning. I will also utilize UHD's Blackboard support for some of the platforms that can be used for online instruction. Additionally, I will leverage my relationships built during training as most of those instructors have taught online and have experience with the face-to-face classroom model.​"

Soumitra Sen (Natural Sciences)
"My video is on how I will use what I learned to teach about plate techtonics! Although I have only taught in a face-to-face environment, I am thankful that UHD encouraged me and provided me the opportunity to take this course because it creates another platform to connect with my students. Also, subsequent to informative discussion with CTLE, I am going to inquire about currently oversubscribed face-to-face courses and see if they can be realistically offered online."

Alex Wathen (Social Sciences)
"The program represents an excellent integration and collaboration between several departments. It was neat to have CTLE, TTLC, the and the Library working together. The presence of the librarians solved a technical problem I had had as I emailed them and they fixed it. It also inspired me to use Interlibrary Loan even more. It was also neat to interact with different faculty members in other disciplines. Georges did a great job putting this together."

Cohort 2: Spring / Summer 2017 
Learn more about the program and apply here:​


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