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Supplemental Instruction Fall 2020 Banner with SI Leaders in a group shot on the North-deck at UHD

​We are here for you.

Our SI Leaders are Gators just like you. We feel the same uncertainty, the same frustration, the same anxiety. We want you to know that we are here for you to help you navigate your course content, to help you prepare for exams, and to help you organize your workload as you transition to a fully online college environment. We're in this together!

Supplemental Instruction Spring 2020 Leaders
Spring 2020 S.I. Leader Cohort (Click for full version)


UHD Suppl​em​​ental Instruction Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Supplemental Instruction Program at UHD is to improve student comprehension, content mastery, and critical thinking skills through collaborative, peer-facilitated group study sessions. Our goal is to improve the individual performance of undergraduate students in order to create a positive impact on institutional retention and graduation rates.

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How does SI help students?

Studies show that those who participate in study groups are more likely to succeed academically than those who do not participate in study groups. SI study sessions are facilitated by SI leaders and consist of informal groups in which students review notes, discuss readings, develop organizational tools and prepare for exams. SI Leaders offer weekly, outside-of-class study sessions to all students enrolled in a targeted course.

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​ ​ ​ ​Fall 2016: SI Leader Stephaine Ibe leads a BIOL 1301 study session.
Spring 2019: SI Leader Alexis leads a session for MATH 1306.

Fall 2016: SI Leader Courtney Stevens holds a HIST 1305 exam review.
Spring 2020: SI Leader: Aneeka leads a session for BIOL 1301.

Fall 2016: SI Leader Lily Meja  leads a CHEM 1307 exam review.
Spring 2020: SI Leader Stephanie leads a session for PHYS 1307.

What is an SI Leader?

An SI Leader for a targeted course is a current UHD student who has successfully completed the targeted SI course in their academic career. SI leaders serve as model students for their classmates by attending all class lectures and demonstrating the smart study skills that has helped them succeed. Outside of class, SI Leaders conduct group study sessions for UHD students and create exam reviews for their assigned classes. Most sessions will be held in S-405. Session times change every semester. See the current brochure for session days and times for your courses.

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Can I attend a session if I do not have an SI Leader in my class?

YES! Each semester a new schedule of SI sessions is posted to the SI website. The schedule will reflect session days/times for current courses in which there is an SI Leader. All sessions are free and no appointment is required to attend a session. If you don't see your course, give us a call or swing by the Learning Connection
 in S-405
 and ask the front desk attendant about possible alternative options.



Spring 2017: MATH 1302 SI Leader Kaleab Teka and MATH 1301 SI Leader Zia Rehman hold concurrent final exam reviews with their st

Fall 2019: SI Leader Thien leads a session for BIOL 1301.

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