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University College Faculty

Dr. Williams Waller

Mari L. Nicholson-Preuss

Program Director/Lecturer

Office: S405

​Dr. Nicholson-Preuss is the director of the University Honors Program. She is responsible for the growth and expansion of the University Honors Program, including oversight of recruitment and marketing, program assessment, Honors orientation and semester retreats, collaboration with faculty to expand Honors course offerings, cohort scheduling, development and implementation of co-curricular programing, academic advising of Honors students, stewardship of dedicated scholarship funds, and service on university level committees relevant to academic excellence. She has played a significant role in cultivating relationships outside of the university with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Finnish American Chamber of Commerce, University of Jyväskylä (Finland), LULAC District Eight, and Avenue (a Northside Development Organization).  Dr. Nicholson-Preuss advises several student organizations, such as Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, Golden Key International Honor Society, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, LULAC Council #22268, Texas Freedom Network Student Chapter, Fandom UHD, and the Garna Christian Chapter of the Walter Prescott Webb Society.

Dr. Nicholson's professional affiliations include the National Collegiate Honors Council, Great Plains Honors Council, Texas State Historical Association, East Texas Historical Association, West Texas Historical Association, and the Southern Association for the History of Medicine and Science. She is an active member of the National Collegiate Honors Council's national committee on advising and the Texas State Historical Association's education committee.

Currently, she serves on the board of trustees for two nonprofits: C.60 Inc. (historic preservation) and the Association for Family and Community Integrity (LGBTQ education). 

University of Houston, Ph.D., History, 2010

Dissertation: "Down and Out in Old J.D.: Urban Public Hospitals, Institutional Stigma, and Medical Indigence in the Twentieth Century." Accepted with Distinction.


Texas Tech University, M.A., History, 2001

Thesis: "Managing Morbidity and Mortality: Pandemic Influenza in France 1889-1890."

Texas Tech University, B.A., History and English, 1997

Highest Ranking Graduate of the College of Arts and Sciences

HIST 1305 U.S. History to 1877

HIST 1306 U.S. History Since 1877

HIST 2315 Introduction to World History I

HIST 2316 Introduction to World History II

HIST 3301 20th Century Europe

HIST 3313 Houston: Past and Present

HIST 3324 19th Century Europe

HIST 3334 Britain and Its Empire

HIST 4390 History of Medicine Since the Black Death

EED 3311 Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary Classroom

Postdoctoral Research:

Excellence in West Texas History Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2010-2011. Research focused on the history of medicine and healthcare in West Texas during the twentieth century with an emphasis on its "frontier" qualities. Fellowship sponsors San Angelo State University, Texas Tech University, and the West Texas Historical Association. Forthcoming publication: Medicine for Wide Open Spaces: A History of Medicine on Texas' Last Frontier




Social Sciences Student Engagement Strategies. AVID for Higher Education. (2013).

Book Review, "The Inside Story of the Stasi," The Oral History Review 38 (July 2011): 418-420. 

Book Review,  "Diabetes Among the Pima: Stories of Survival," The Oral History Review 36 (July 2009): 300-302. 



Co-Presenter, "A Place at the Table: Honors Advising in the Context of Diversity," National Collegiate Honors Council. Atlanta, November 2017.

 "Ten Fingers, Two Eyes—One More Day Without an Accident: Industrial Safety in the Piney Woods, 1900-1950," East Texas Historical Association. Galveston, October 2017.

"A Fracas Over an Un-United Fracture," Combined East Texas and West Texas Historical Association Session at the West Texas Historical Association. Lubbock, April 2017.

"Stories from the Bar Ditch: Automobile Accident Fatalities on the South Plains at Mid-Century," West Texas Historical Association. Lubbock, April 2017. 

"Tragic Sundays: Automobile Accidents and Public Spectacle," Southern Association for the History of Medicine and Science. Myrtle Beach, March 2017.

"Details, Dogmas, and Dirt Roads: Making Sense of World Building," University of Houston-Downtown National Novel Writing Month Workshop. Houston, November 2016.

"Hashtags, Memes, and Themes: Advanced Social Media Marketing Strategies," Alpha Lambda Delta National Leadership Conference. Washington, D.C., October 2016.


Co-Presenter, "Challenges and Solutions in Honors Advising," National Collegiate Honors Council Annual Conference. Chicago, November 2015.


Co-Presenter, "Building a Transformative Education: Community Engagement to Address Economic Inequity," ADP/TDC/NASPA Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement Conference, AASCU. New Orleans, June 2015.


"Baugh Knows: Lubbock's Forgotten Pioneer Doctor," West Texas Historical Association. Amarillo, April 2015.

 "Battling Germs in the Lone Star State: Using the History of Medicine and Infectious Disease in the Texas History Classroom," Encountering Texas History Conference: Exploring Texas Workshop Series. Houston, February 2015.

"Engaging Commuter First Generation FTIC Students," 34th Annual Conference on the First Year Experience. Dallas, February 2015.

"Egg Salad Tragedies: The Public, the Press, and the Rhetoric of Ptomaine Poisoning," South Central American Dialect Society. Austin, October 2014.

"Horrible Histories: Using Local History to Engage Undergraduates in Research," East Texas Historical Association. Nacogdoches, October 2014.

"By Windmill, Mail Order Compass or the Grace of God: Practicing Medicine on the Southern High Plains at the Turn of the Century," Southern Association for the History of Medicine and Science. St. Louis, February 2014.

Co-Presenter, "Success on the Horizon: UHD's Summer Road Trip," Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities. Chicago, October 2013. 

"Patients' Penance: The Press and the Waiting Room at Jefferson Davis Hospital," East Texas Historical Association. Nacogdoches, September 2013.

"String Beans and Mayonnaise: Public Spectacles of Ptomaine Poisoning," East Texas Historical Association. Galveston, February 2013.

"Just Beyond the Bayou: Infectious Disease, Poverty & Houston in the 20th Century," University of Houston-Downtown Convocation Series. Houston, February 2013. 

"DeBakey's Gun and Knife Club: The Emergency Room at Jefferson Davis Hospital, 1949-1963," Texas State Historical Association. Houston, March 2012.

"Dirt Roads, Sore Throats and Flies: Diphtheria and Typhoid Fever on the South Plains, 1900-1945," West Texas Historical Association. Lubbock, April 2011.

"Good For What Ails You, But Hell on the Kidneys: Nephritis and Exposure to Nephrotoxic Medical Treatments in Rural West Texas," Southern Association for the History of Medicine and Science. Memphis, March 2011.

"Disease & Dyin' Down on the Farm: Medicine in Rural West Texas, 1890-1930," Austin Community College Emeritus Professor History Symposium. Austin, October 2010. 

 "Landscapes of Poverty, Filth and Disease: Urban Public Hospitals and Institutional Stigma in the Golden Age of Medicine," Texas State Historical Association. Dallas, March 2010. 

"The more things change...' Public Hospitals, Nosocomial Infections and the Stigma of Disease," The Epidemic in Modern History. University College, Cork, Ireland, November 2009.

"Managing Ground Zeroes: Civil Defense Health Services and the Emergency Medical Response to Hurricane Audrey 1957," American Association for the History of Medicine. Cleveland, April 2009. 

"The Devil in the Differential: Richard C. Cabot, House M.D., and the Teaching of Diagnostic Medicine," Biennial Film & History Conference. Film and Science: Fictions, Documentaries and Beyond. Chicago, October 2008. 

"The Guinea Pig Slip: The Harris County Medical Society and the Hospital Siting Controversy of 1958," Southwest Social Sciences Association. Las Vegas, March 2008.

"A Benign Winter Catarrh: The Parisian Press and Pandemic Influenza, 1889-1890," Southern Association for the History of Medicine and Science. San Antonio, February 2006.

"Safe Places: Civil Defense Evacuation Strategies, Louisiana Hospitals, and Hurricane Audrey." East Texas Historical Association. Huntsville, February 2006.

"A Jefferson Davis Problem," Fourth Annual Global Conference: Making Sense of Health Illness and Disease. Mansfield College, Oxford, United Kingdom, July 2005.

"Other Peoples Troubles: The Nursery Staphylococcal Epidemic of 1957-58 at Jefferson Davis Hospital," East Texas Historical Society. Galveston, February 2005.

"Une Curieuse Épidémie: Public Health and the Parisian Press," French Historical Studies in Texas Winter Conference. Houston, February 2002.

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