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    Resources and Intructions for Schooling Online

UHD Gators, the Academic Support Center is now fully online and ready to support you every step of the way. Let’s finish the semester together!

The Academic Support Center offers support for students to improve their writing, math, and statistics skills. The  Writing & Reading Center and the Center for Math & Statistics Support.


How to Make an Online Tutoring Appointment

Online tutoring appointments are scheduled using the WCOnline scheduling website

Please note that all WCOnline accounts sync with your UHD Gatormail or UHD staff/faculty email account. You will use your username (not the full email address), and the same password as these accounts to log in to our scheduling system.

If you need access to your UHD email account or password assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk at 713-221-8031.

Once you log in, you can select any tutor who has available time, which will appear in white (blue or purple means that the time is not available).

How to Access Online Tutoring Appointments

You will access your online appointment through WCOnline. When you click on the appointment you created, you'll see "Start of Join Online Consultation" under the "Meet Online?" option. 

Not the tutoring hours you need? Please let us know by completing our online survey We'll use your feedback to improve our availability in the future.

 Tutoring Session in Academic Support Center


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Writing & Reading Center
UHD, One Main Building, Rm. N925
Phone: 713-221-8670

The WRC offers one-on-one writing assistance online in real time. Throughout the year, the WRC also sponsors writing-related events and workshops. Students interested in making an online appointment may do so by signing in at


Center for Math & Statistic Support

Center for Math & Statistics Support

UHD, One Main Building. Rm. N925
Phone: 713-221-8669

The Center for Math & Statistics Support is a tutoring service for mathematics and statistics available to all UHD students. Tutoring is available for all developmental and freshman-level mathematics courses. Tutoring services include online consultation with faculty and peer tutors. Students interested in making an online appointment may do so by signing in at

Contact Us
UHD, One Main Building
Rm. N925
Phone: 713-221-8669

For questions or additional information, please contact:

Isidro Grau
Director, Academic Support Center
Phone: 713-221-8494
Office: N925

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