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Academic Support Center

Academic Support Center (ASC): The ASC offers support for students to improve their writing, reading, math, and statistics skills. The Writing & Reading Center (WRC) and the Center for Math and Statistics Support (C4MS2 ) are located in the ASC and offer a range of tutoring services in a variety of modes designed to accommodate students' unique needs. These include face-to-face and online support services for individuals and groups, consultation with peer and professional tutors, and access to a variety of learning tools such as computers, textbooks, calculators, and videos.

Location: UHD, Rm. 925-North (One Main Building)
Telephone: 713-221-8669 (Option 1)


Center for Math & Statistic Support

Center for Math & Statistics Support

Center for Math and Statistics Support (C4MS2 ): The C4MS2 is a free walk-in tutoring service for mathematics and statistics available to all UHD students. The Center seeks to maintain a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and reduce student anxiety about learning mathematics and statistics. The Center is staffed with experienced and qualified faculty and peer tutors. Computers are also available for students to work on their online homework. Students interested in making an appointment for an online tutoring session may do so by registering for an account at Tutoring is available for all developmental and freshman-level mathematics courses, including MATH 0300, MATH 1300, MATH 1301, MATH 1302, MATH 1305, MATH 1306, MATH 1310, and MATH 1404/1505. Another popular service is tutoring for statistics courses, such as STAT 1312, STAT 2300, and STAT 3309/3310. Pre-service elementary teachers can get help with MATH 3321/MATH 3322. The Center also provides tutoring for calculus courses such as MATH 2401, MATH 2402, and MATH 2411. The Center offers additional services, such as sponsoring study groups, providing space for student-led study groups, and conducting final exam reviews in collaboration with Supplemental Instruction.

Math & Statistics Tutoring Appointments

Center for Math & Statistics Support Coordinator
Dr. Leslie Woodard
Office: N925


Writing & Reading Center

Writing & Reading Center

Writing and Reading Center (WRC): In pursuit of its dual mission, the UHD Writing & Reading Center facilitates UHD student, staff, and faculty efforts to read, write, think critically, and communicate. Through ongoing professional development in writing center research, theory, and tutoring practice, the WRC provides writing tutors with a rich teaching and learning experience. The WRC offers one-on-one writing assistance face-to-face, online in real time, or via screencast. Throughout the year, the WRC also sponsors writing-related events and workshops. Students interested in making an appointment may do so by registering for an account at

Writing & Reading Center Tutoring Appointments

WRC Coordinator
Mr. Scott Sands 
Office: N925​​

Fall / Spring Hours

Monday  Thursday​
8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
8 a.m. - 2 p.m.
11 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Monday  Thursday
8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Friday - Sunday


UHD, One Main Building
Rm. 925-North
Phone: 713-221-8669

Academic Support Center
 Dr. Isidro Grau
Office: 713-221-8494



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