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  • NW Degree Completion Event

    NW Degree Completion Event

    Learn about UHD’s BSIS and BAAS-AA degree programs!
    2 Session Options:
    10am-12pm or 1pm-3pm
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  • Gator Leadership Academy

    The GLA is a four day premier foundational leadership opportunity for current and aspiring student leaders wishing to enhance their leadership skill-set.​
  • Gator Leadership Academy

    The GLA is a four day premier foundational leadership opportunity for current and aspiring student leaders wishing to enhance their leadership skill-set.​

  •  Interdisciplinary Studies Alumni Panel

    Interdisciplinary Studies Alumni Panel

    ​ Interdisciplinary Studies Alumni Panelist:   
    J Wise, T Tidwell, C Forgetta, L Nelson

    Accompanied by Dean Birchak of University College.

  • Learning Connection Leadership

    Learning Connection

    ​The Learning Connection. Visit us today.

  • Fall in Love with your Major event with students at the table eating and conversing.

    Fall in Love with your Major

    ​Falling in love with Second Year Experience @ UHD​.

  • University HNRS students

    University College Honors Students

    ​UC HNRS students lending us a helping hand.

  • UHD student studying on Laptops inside the UHD Library

    Explore Your Options. Expand Your Opportunities.

    Learn more about "exploring your options" with our degree programs at the University College Advising Center.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"Explore Your Options... Expand Your Opportunities" ​Committed to learning across multiple disciplines and from a variety of diverse perspectives, University College fosters the versatility and creativity essential to success in the 21st Century. ​

​​ Fall'15 Commencement Student Speaker Stacee UebeleThe College houses two baccalaureate degrees:  the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies (BS-IS) and the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree with a major in Applied Administration (BAAS-AA).  Among the academic enrichment programs are Supplemental Instruction, Freshman Summer Success Program, and Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID).  Moreover, University College maintains several initiatives that assist undergraduate students in making the most of their university experience as they transition into higher education and beyond.

Freshman or returning student? Transferring to UHD? University College is the choice for you!

Reason No. 10

We put you on the quickest path to graduation and career advancement. We can help you tailor that path in your own way with a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies, or we can help you take your current career to the next level with a BAAS in Applied Administration.

Reason No. 9

We designed our degree programs to be convenient for you.  Both the BAAS in Applied Administration and the BS in Interdisciplinary Studies (BSIS) can be completed entirely through online courses. The BSIS students especially like being able to select from online, face-to-face, and hybrid courses (i.e., online with some classroom attendance required) to create the schedule that work best for them.

Reason No. 8

We help you get the most out of prior coursework. The BAAS in Applied Administration accepts all AAS degrees from accredited institutions, allowing students to transfer up to 78 hours, including 36 hours of technical courses. The BS in Interdisciplinary Studies allows students to apply up to 90 transfer credit hours.

Reason No. 7

We value diversity and inclusiveness. We collaborate with Student Affairs to deliver programs such as the Black Male Initiative and the Latino Male Initiative, reinforcing academic and life skills necessary for success in the workplace.

Reason No. 6

We train leaders. Our Gator Leadership Academy, in partnership with Student Activities, positions students to be leaders who inspire positive and sustainable change at UHD and in the community.

Reason No. 5

We strive to make your experience at UHD a good one. We provide activities and programs with proven track records for student engagement and success, such as Connections; Freshman Summer Success; Freshman Convocation/Common Reading Program; and the Student Transition and Retention (STAR) Program.

Reason No. 4

We’re there to help when you need it. We provide peer tutoring through Supplemental Instruction (SI) for students enrolled in historically difficult courses. These focused study sessions enable students to learn from peers who have been successful in the course, review notes, discuss readings, develop organizational tools, and prepare for exams.

Reason No. 3

We are committed to excellence in your education. Our Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) ensures that your instructors have the resources, training, and support needed to serve you best.

Reason No. 2

We graduate students with distinction. Our University Honors Program recognizes and supports intellectually gifted and academically talented students with personalized advising and innovative teaching and mentoring programs.

And the No. 1 reason to choose UHD’s University College is…

It is the best place to explore your options and expand your opportunities!​

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