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    Dean's Ambassadors

Dean's Ambassadors

University College launched the Dean's Ambassadors program in which students were tasked with providing messages for the University's social media platforms and writing articles for UHD News. The initiative proved to be successful in providing more student-centric content on UHD's channels of communication. 

This fall, the program expanded its Dean's Ambassadors initiative to empower students as social media ambassadors. These ambassadors are students who are engaged leaders dedicated to conveying a wealth of accurate knowledge about UHD that spans a variety of academic focuses and extracurricular interests.

students greeting each other in a hallway.

As Dean's Ambassadors, these students will gain leadership experience, exposure to social media storytelling, and networking opportunities . Moreover, they wield the power to share UHD's stories through a student's lens. 

These new Dean's Ambassadors have UHD-branded social media accounts for either Instagram or Twitter and are asked to share their UHD experiences each day.

Last updated 12/17/2019 12:08 PM