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Center for Critical Race Studies

Director of the Center for Critical Race Studies
Dr. Vida Robertson

​CC​RS Assistant Director 
Dr. Jonathan Chism

Center for Critical Race Studies

The Center for Critical Race Studies (CCRS) is an academic center open to all for scholarly inquiry and teaching development that cultivates​ scholarship, facilitates public discourse, and fosters community engagement opportunities with a particular focus on the history and social impact of race in society. ​CCRS prepares students to become vital participants in Houston’s social and economic future and the global community at large.


By providing opportunities for knowledge creation and dissemination, the Center for Critical Race Studies transforms lives and empowers communities. The Center produces scholar-citizens who are equipped​ to understand and engage the complex challenges of the twenty-first century.​

Dr. Vida RobertsonVida Robertson, Director of CCRS​​
Dr. Robertson brings to this position research and teaching expertise in African American literature and racial representations. His work is deeply rooted in the field of critical race studies, and will thus offer a strong foundation on which to build the Center.