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Black Student Association


The Black Student Association’s mission is to articulate the interests and opinions of African-American students on the campus the University of Houston-Downtown. BSA promotes projects and events beneficial to the student body, and to provide a voice for African-American students. BSA serves to establish an unshakeable bond between Black students, Black faculty, and the general Houston community to promote the development of educational opportunities and to increase awareness of Black culture. The group provides a central forum for the open dialogue of political, spiritual, cultural, economic, social, and academic conditions in the Black community.


The purpose of the Black Student Association is as follows:

a. To motivate and heighten the consciousness and awareness of African-American students.
b. To establish and execute programs, policies, and projects beneficial to all members of the student body.
c. To provide a representative body for matters concerning African-American students.
d. To establish and maintain communication among membership and other student organizations, faculty, and administrators with respect to opinions and desires of the members.
e. To serve as a vehicle that provides services back to the community and encourages more African-Americans to attend college.
f. To increase the African-American presence on campus through events and programs designed to support students’ academic and social needs.
g. Discourages and abates institutional and individual acts and symbols of racism.
h. Heightens political, social, cultural awareness, and friendship between all people, regardless of race, sex, religion, or national origin.
i. Help students develop sound leadership skills.
j. Promotes the UHD spirit of excellence and prestige.


President: Samantha Mosley

Vice President: Taiya Youngs

Treasurer: Jazlyn Rutherford

Secretary: Deniece Joseph

Media and Marketing Director: Ameena Rasheed

Membership Chair: Olivia Kately

Community Outreach and Events Director: Devonna Toney

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