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Please note

If you are having difficulty logging in, please contact the UHD help desk at 713-221-8031 or

What to expect and what do I do?

  • All evaluations will be done online.
  • The evaluations are completely anonymous.
  • You will receive notification, via email from Campus Labs that courses are open for evaluations.
  • If you have questions about the instrument, ask your instructor - you may want to ask if it will be administered during regular class time.
  • Be sure to complete the evaluations by the deadline.
  • Course evaluations can be filled out online using any mobile device. Your faculty member may ask you to bring your phone, tablet, or laptop to class in order to complete your evaluations.



IDEA focuses on your learning relative to the objectives of the course and provides feedback to the faculty on instructional strategies, allowing you to play a role in improving the learning experience for students at UHD.


General Information on IDEA

The general benefits and philosophy of the IDEA instrument are:

  • Focus on student learning and related teaching methods.
  • The ability to choose learning objectives that fit the course.
  • Adjustments for extraneous influences.
  • Research underpinning the development and validation of the IDEA instrument.
  • IDEA's use of a nationwide comparative database.

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