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Students aged 6 through 12 who make it their business to always look for new doors or exciting possibilities are primed to experience ScienceCamp, where cutting-edge content lures them into the intriguing world of science. The University of Houston, along with Mad Science, Health Museum and Engineering for Kids, presents a week-long cameo of up-and-coming science concepts using experiments, hands-on projects, and slyly scientific games. It’s a grand science adventure that leaves students wide-eyed and breathless!

Courses Offe​​red:

3, 2, 1…Blast Off
The Chemistry Mystery
Science in Motion
Secret Agent Lab
Red Hot Bots
Fun Frenzy Robotics 1-2-3 (FFR)​
Robotics Justice League (RJL)​
Bricks Slayers Robotics (BSR)​
Crazy Action Contraptions Robotics (CACR)​
Crazy for Coding​​

For course description, choose the appropriate menu selection on the left side. 

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