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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks

Who Should Attend​

Engineers, designers, drafters and professionals want to learn all about Dynamic Blocks.

Course Description​​

This course provides a basic understanding of how to design and manage dynamic blocks in AutoCAD®. Using the Dynamic Block functionality, users can reduce the size of block libraries, edit block instances with minimal effort, and help to ensure standards compliance. This course introduces students to the steps necessary to take block creation to the next level. Students learn how to apply parameters and actions that will make blocks more powerful, and the student, more productive. Students also learn how to work with fields and attributes in dynamic blocks and discuss methods for managing dynamic block libraries.

Hands-on exercises throughout the course are used to demonstrate the dynamic block authoring process through the use of a generic block as well as through the creation of standard blocks that are used in the mainstream drafting industries.

Length of Training​​

1 Day (8 hours)


$229.00 (Includes instructor led hands-on training and training materials)

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