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The Largest & Best Valued Part Time MBA in Houston Area

The UHD part time MBA program is opening doors for many working professionals to propel their personal growth and careers, thanks to its flexibility, convenience, attractive tuition and its admission alternatives.

The Part Time MBA Reinvented:  

The Largest MBA program in the Houston area was uniquely designed with corporations modern-day needs. Leaders, executives and specialists from different companies directly contributed to the development of this winning program. In addition, all of our classes are team taught by an exceptional faculty and a seasoned industry expert. For our MBA candidates, this will provide for maximum personal and professional growth.

Part Time MBA, Convenience and Flexibility:

MBA Core, MBA Concentration and MBA Graduate Certificate courses are provided in a blended/hybrid (part face-to-face, part online) environment, thus minimizing the time required to be physically present at the MBA Business School. Core classes are offered on Monday and Wednesday nights allowing students to complete two core courses each eight week term. Concentration classes are offered Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Options to Start Without GMAT:

There are several options that provide the opportunity for our Part Time MBA students to start either the MBA program or any of the Graduate Certificates without being required to take the GMAT.

The Paths for the Part Time MBA:

Our part time MBA can be conveniently completed in a two year time or a three year time.

Please note that leveling courses may be required for some MBA candidates which may extend the time needed for the completion of the program.  The two year and three year MBA programs may not be available to international students. For a complete determination of full and part time statuses, a sequence plan developed with one of the MBA advisors is necessary.


Last updated 4/1/2020 10:54 AM