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The Right of Way (ROW) Certificate Program focuses on the issues, tasks, challenges, strategies and hands-on knowledge required to succeed in the private sector of the ROW industry including pipeline, electric, renewables, water and chemical. This noncredit certificate provides a vehicle to enhance the skills of those interested in entering the ROW profession and to prepare them to succeed in a highly-demanding and expanding field. 


Instructors are all highly experienced private sector ROW professionals from Contract Land Staff's Professional Development Institute.


Survey results within the last two years show that 97% of students were highly satisfied with the relevancy of the topics covered, and 94% believed that the ROW courses met their professional needs! 


All ROW modules are offered in a convenient online format and makes learning more flexible, yet engagin​g while you achieve your desired goal. Two ROW modules are offered monthly and modules can be completed simultaneously or in any order.


  • Online delivery to accommodate working professionals
  • 24/7 access to course content
  • 24/7 access to industry experts
  • Interactive learning including discussion boards and ​assignments
  • Peer interaction and networking opportunities
  • High-quality, engaging videos aimed at developing skills specific to right of way professionals



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