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​​The Right of Way (ROW) Certificate program is a noncredit certificate that enhances the skills of those interested in entering the ROW profession and prepares them to succeed in a highly-demanding and expanding field. This convenient, online program focuses on the tasks, strategies and the hands-on knowledge required to succeed in the private sector of the ROW industry including pipeline, electric, renewables, water and chemical. Instructors are all highly experienced private sector ROW professionals from Contract Land Staff's Professional Development Institute. Our students are highly satisfied with the relevancy of the topics covered and believe that the ROW courses met their professional needs. To receive the UHD Right of Way Certificate, you should successfully complete all six modules. Each module is four-weeks long. Two modules are offered monthly and they can be completed in any order.


A $60 early registration discount is available! Click Schedule and Registration on the right to view early registration discount cutoff date. ​



Course 1: Right of Way and the Energy Industry - This course will introduce you to the Right of Way Industry and the role it plays in the Energy Market in the Private Sector which includes pipeline, electric utilities, and renewables.

Course 2: Steps and Stages of Projects - This course will follow a project through the steps needed to successfully complete the clients’ objectives and ensure a timely, cost effective delivery of ROW services, and much more.


Course 1: Electric Projects - This course will teach students what makes up an electric project, walk through project phases from development to acquisition, and provide insight as to how transmission and distribution projects differ from other linear projects.

Course 2: Pipeline Projects - This course will provide the attendees with detailed information specific to pipeline projects.


Course 1: Shale Projects - This introduction to the Shale Plays takes a look at the ins and outs of the Shale Plays as it pertains to Right of Way.

Course 2: A Career in Right of Way - There are many different career paths in Right of Way. This is an introduction into the careers in the Right of Way Industry

Course 3: Good Faith Negotiations & Landowner Relationships - This course is interactive and looks at all aspects of good-faith negotiations and landowner relationships within the Private Sector of Right of Way.


Course 1: Title Part I - The course covers topics including property ownership, the research process, document interpretation, and preparation of title files.

Course 2: Title Part II - The course will cover the different types of legal descriptions, reading and understanding legal descriptions from documents, writing legal descriptions for Limited Title Certificates and map-based exercises on locating properties from legal descriptions.

Note: Students are required to purchase materials to successfully complete the exercises and practical applications associated with Module 4 and Module 5, these materials range from $12.50 to $28.00 depending on vendor.


Course 1: Technology Solutions - This course examines the use of technology and data management for the Right of Way Industry.

Course 2: Documents-Documents-Documents - This course covers documentation, delves into generation, maintenance, and updating of phase specific documentation. It also addresses due diligence and offers a close examination of the document review process.

Note: Students are required to purchase materials to successfully complete the exercises and practical applications associated with Module 4 and Module 5, these materials range from $12.50 to $28.00 depending on vendor.


Course 1: Real Estate Law and Right of Way - This course will focus on critical thinking and issue identification of legal ramifications, and the teamwork necessary with the client, title agents, and outside counsel for successful acquisition of interests and settlement of damages.

Course 2: Appraisals and Right of Way - This introductory course to Right of Way appraisal will provide a basic understanding of the appraisal process.

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