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  • Center for Entrepreneurship

Welcome to the UHD College of Business Center for Entrepreneurship, where we train our students to develop new business opportunities, whether working for existing organizations or in start-ups.

Our goal is to offer students unparalleled preparation for success in lucrative and rewarding careers, and opportunities for life-long learning.

Reality-based Curriculum

UHD’s Entrepreneurship program continues to develop and implement courses that build from content and exposure to real-world situations. With this in mind, we have created a two-course sequence. We have added and will continue to add courses as needed to maximize student learning.

  • An Introduction to Entrepreneurship. Creating new opportunities.
    The first course is designed to help students learn how to explore entrepreneurial opportunities, generate ideas for potential businesses and determine the feasibility of their concepts. Students carefully and analytically consider business opportunities they might like to be involved with, gaining valuable skills and experience in the process.

  • Intrapreneurship. Corporate entrepreneurship: Creating opportunities from within a company.
    The second course focuses on the practice of becoming an agent for significant change within an existing business enterprise with the possible result of creating a new business entity or fundamentally changing the existing business model.

    Case studies, peer reviewed articles and guest speakers are used to provide an understanding of the entrepreneurial process as it works within the space of an ongoing organization.

    Strategies to gain and maintain the support and resources of executive management that may be (sometimes with good reason) reluctant or even hostile to advancing technology, new management techniques or recognition of threats and opportunities, are examined.

    Given the rate at which the business environment changes, one of the goals of this course is to prepare the student to add value to a business by being able to successfully lead change.

Life-long Learning

The view that education is something that occurs exclusively between the ages six and 22 is obsolete. Today, individuals from all ages and walks of life seek formal instruction at multiple points during lives which may involve more than one "career."

At UHD in general and in the Entrepreneurship Program in particular, our goal is to fill the unmet needs of our local entrepreneurs - both future and current - for meaningful, life-long learning opportunities.

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