Please read the following instructions carefully.

Welcome to the University of Houston-Downtown Urban Education Diagnostic Experience. This experience will help you succeed on your (TExES) certification exam. The only items on your testing station should be a #2 pencil, scratch paper, admission ticket and your ID faced up at all times. Keys must be placed in your pocket or on the floor.

If you have any prohibited items such as cell phone, watch, fitness tracking device, or any other prohibited item please raise your hand now and a proctor will assist you. If any prohibited item(s) are found in your possession during the experience you will be dismissed from testing. Scores will be voided and you will not receive a refund for this test.

During the test, if you need to use the restroom, raise your hand and a proctor will assist you. Only one person is allowed to use the restroom at a time. Take your ID with you and follow the directions on the restroom pass. Do not misplace your ID because you will be required to check in again upon your return.

You have up to 5-hours to complete this experience; carefully budget your time because all questions must be answered before exiting. If you finish early or if you have any questions, raise your hand and a proctor will assist you. Students will not be given extra time to complete unanswered questions.

Test results will be sent to the email address you provided by the end of the day. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CHECK YOUR EMAIL IN THE TESTING CENTER.

 Good luck!



Urban Education Exams 


211 ELAR 1:55 160 Pedagogy 5:00​ 291 ELAR​ 1:45
211 Math 1:05 131 ELAR 5:00 291 Fine Arts​ 0:40
​211 Science 0:50 135 MATH 8-12 5:00​ 291 Math​ 1:00
​211 Social Studies 0:50 291 Science​ 0:45
291 Social Studies​ 0:35



291 Social Studies ​0:53
291 Science 1:08
291 Math 1:30
291 Fine Arts 1:00
291 ELAR ​2:38
160 Pedagogy 7:30
160 Pedagogy 10:00