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Please read carefully these instructions to request remote TSI (accuplacer) testing.

  1. Students are required to know which subject(s) are needed. The TSI (accuplacer) currently consists of three subjects, Writing, Reading and Math. You will not be able to change the subjects once remote testing begins. Check with your counselor at your high school or UHD Admissions Office at (713) 221-8522 prior to continuing.
  2. There is currently a $20 fee ($25 after June 15) for a TSI (ACCUPLACER) remote session. Student will pay this fee to the testing company Examity by credit card. Currently, this is the only fee that a student will have to pay to take the TSI (ACCUPLACER) Remote test.
  3. Visit the Examity student information site and read their instructions carefully prior to continuing.
  4. If you meet Examity computer specifications to test remotely then proceed with completely filling out the form below.
  5. Please allow 2 business days to process your request for creating a voucher with Examity.

Keep in mind this set-up is for students requesting to take the TSI Assessment remotely (from home) because the Office of Testing Service is currently unavailable.

Last updated 5/1/2020 8:20 AM