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Please note: The registration process at the University of Houston-Downtown begins in April with “pre-registration.” During this time, students can add classes to their schedule through e-Services according to the assigned enrollment dates published in the Academic Calendar. Actual tuition and fee bills will be calculated and posted to student accounts in early July 2018. To estimate the cost of your tuition and fees, please view the AY 2019- Fall 2018 Tuition & Fee Grid that corresponds with your degree and/or program cohort. Registration is not complete and students are not officially enrolled until sufficient payment arrangements have been established. The payment deadline for the Fall 2018 semester is Saturday, August 18th at 2PM.

Payment or payment arrangements for Registration must be made through e-services or the Cashier's Office in S310, by the due date. If payment in full or the first payment on your installment loan is not received by the due date shown below, your classes will be dropped. Please note that UHD does not receive mail on Saturdays, so mailed payments must be received BEFORE the Saturday due dates. All previous balances must be paid in full. If you have any amount owed for a previous term, your payment may be automatically credited towards your previous term balance. If you receive a refund and have any balance on your account, it is your responsibility to pay the balance within seven days of receipt. Failure to do so, may result in termination of current term registration.

Late Registration carries an additional fee of $50.

Always check your Student Account Statement before the payment deadline to ensure your enrollment will be saved.

To increase the efficiency of transactions that require authorization, the University of Houston-Downtown may require that members of the University community use electronic signatures to conduct certain transactions that previously required handwritten signatures and approvals on paper documents. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the University accepts e-signatures as legally binding and equivalent to handwritten signatures to signify an agreement. Accepting terms of an agreement constitutes an electronic signature. By executing a payment, installment plan/emergency/book loan online, the student is agreeing with an e-signature to accept any and all financial responsibility associated with enrollment.

As an environmentally conscious institution, UHD does not mail paper statements, but you can view your Account Statement online at myUHD under the My Payment option.

Due dates for the Summer 2018 - Fall 2018 Terms are shown below.

​May Term 2018​APRIL 9, 2018​APRIL 11, 2018​APRIL 16, 2018​APRIL 23, 2018​MAY 11, 2018​MAY 12-14, 2018​MAY 16, 2018
​Summer I 2018​APRIL 9, 2018​APRIL 11, 2018​APRIL 16, 2018​APRIL 23, 2018​MAY 31, 2018​JUNE 1-4, 2018​JUNE 11, 2018
​Summer II 2018​APRIL 9, 2018​APRIL 11, 2018​APRIL 16, 2018​APRIL 23, 2018​MAY 31, 2018​JUNE 1-4, 2018​JUNE 11, 2018
​Summer III 2018​APRIL 9, 2018​APRIL 11, 2018​APRIL 16, 2018​APRIL 23, 2018​JUNE 28, 2018​JULY 6-9, 2018​JULY 10, 2018
​Summer IV 2018​APRIL 9, 2018​APRIL 11, 2018​APRL 16, 2018​APRIL 23, 2018​MAY 17, 2018​MAY 18-21, 2018​​​JUNE 7, 2018
​Summer 6WK I 2018​​APRIL 9, 2018​APRIL 11, 2018​APRIL 16, 2018​APRIL 23, 2018​MAY 17, 2018​MAY 18-21, 2018​MAY 28, 2018
​Summer 6WK II 2018​​APRIL 9, 2018​APRIL 11, 2018​APRIL 16, 2018​APRIL 23, 2018JUNE 28, 2018​JUNE 29-JULY 2, 2018JULY 10, 2018
​Fall 2018​APRIL 9, 2018​APRIL 11, 2018​APRIL 16, 2018​APRIL 23, 2018​AUGUST 18, 2018​AUGUST 19-24, 2018​SEPTEMBER 10, 2018


The first payment must be made at the time the installment loan is created with the remaining payments due the first day of each month until the end of the semester. If a payment due date falls on a weekend or holiday, the due date will be the next business day. There is a 7 day grace period on installment payments during the fall/spring semesters and any payment not posted to the student account by the 7th day of the month will be assessed a $10 late fee. Please note that there is no seven day grace period for summer installment plans, installment payments received after the 1st of the month will be assessed a $10 late fee. If paying by mail, please allow sufficient time for the mail to be received and processed to avoid late fees. Any installment not paid in full by the end of the semester will be assessed a $50 default fee.​​​​

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