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What can I do with this major?

Related Career Titles
Search for potential careers/jobs with these position titles


  • Physician
  • Dentist
  • Optometrist​
  • Veterinarian

Allied Health

  • Physical Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Pharmacist
  • Nursing

Health Related

  • Clinical Lab Sciences
  • Bioethicist
  • Dietician
  • Genetic Counseling


  • Conservation Biologist
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Forest Ranger
  • Agricultural Scientist
  • Marine Biologist

Plant Biology

  • Botanist
  • Ethnobotanist
  • Horticulture
  • Landscaping


  • Biology Teacher K-12
  • College Professor
  • Museum Educator
  • Nature Center/Parks


  • Food Safety Expert
  • Zymurgy (Beer/Winemaking)
  • Drug Testing/Quality Control

Animal Care/Research

  • Zookeeper
  • Gamekeeper
  • Fisheries/Aquaculture


  • National Health (FDA, CDC, USDA, NIH)
  • City/Community Health
  • ​Bioterrorism Expert

What is Biology?

The Bachelor of Science degree is designed to meet the personal and career goals and interests of the student. The program allows the student a certain amount of flexibility in tailoring a degree program to his/her unique needs, yet does so within the confines of a traditional major in biology.

  • Environmental Biosciences
  • Microbiology
  • Molecular and Cellular Biosciences
  • Science Education​​

Professional Organizations
Affiliate yourself with groups to network and learn about the field:

  • American Medical Students Association (UHD group)
  • The Darwin and Leeuwenhoek Society, UHD branch of American Society for Microbiology (ASM)
  • Environmental Club (UHD group)
  • Health Professions Organization (UHD group)

Explore Career-Specific Websites

Graduate School Considerations *Programs not offered at UHD

  • Master of Science in Data Analytics
  • Master of Arts in Teaching
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Science in Biology*
  • Master of Science in Biotechnology*
  • Doctor of Dentistry*
  • Master of Science in Bioinformatics*
  • Master of Science in Molecular and Cell Biology*
  • Master of Science in Environmental Biology*
  • Master of Public Health*
  • Doctor of Medicine*
  • Doctor of Pharmacy*

Community Partnerships

Research local organizations offering field experiences to students pursuing a Biology degree.

  • Memorial Hermann
  • BP
  • Texas Children’s
  • UT Medical Branch
  • RiceTec
  • Houston Zoo
  • Houston Methodist Hospital
  • City of Houston, Health & Human Services
  • Houston Renewable Energy Group
  • MD Anderson
  • Baylor College of Medicine
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Mad Science of Houston
  • Anheuser-Busch
  • Bayou Land Conservancy
  • Koala Sports Medicine Center
  • Harris County Institute for Forensic Sciences

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