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Career Readiness

Are you Career Ready?
Do you have the skills employers demand? Do you know how to create a plan and develop the skills you need prior to graduation? Check out this short video to learn more about what it means to be “career ready”.

Career Readiness Checklists
Use our career checklists to ensure you know yourself and your career goals well, and that you successfully transition from school to work!
4-year career plan
Year 1 career checklist
Year 2 career checklist
Year 3 career checklist
Year 4 career checklist

Career Readiness Handouts
Not sure how to communicate your career readiness in your resume, on interviews or while networking with future employers? Take a look at our Charting Your Career Readiness handout to help you identify and articulate your skills through targeted career readiness experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

Career Readiness Videos
Preparing for a Career Fair
Writing Effective Accomplishment Statements on your Resume

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