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Congratulations on securing an interview! Here's what you need to prepare yourself.

Interview Basics:
Review the CDC Interview Presentation which includes everything from preparation, during the interview, and follow up. 

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Interview Follow-up:
Check out this sample "Thank you" Emails.

Mock Interview Guidelines - UHD Career Development Center (CDC)

Preparation-At least a week in advance
Schedule an appointment for the practice interview.
Provide the CDC with: a copy of your résumé, the name of the employer and position to target in the interview; if you have an actual job description, provide that too.
Review CDC Interview Presentation above and check out the Ultimate Interview Guide link below.

The Day of the Practice Interview:
Dress in a suit as you would for a real interview.
Bring an extra copy of your résumé and any other documents that you believe would be helpful such as a portfolio.
Arrive 5 minutes before the interview appointment and check-in with the CDC front desk.

For more information, check out this Ultimate Interview Guide

 Call the Career Development Center to schedule a Mock Interview appointment today!

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