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Our Purpose​​

The Student Government Association is established in order to preserve available and democratic system of student governance which will create an official forum for the expression of student opinion.

Mission Statement​​

To voice the opinions of the student body and encourage participation in university decision making.


The University of Houston-Downtown Student Government Association is comprised of an Executive Council, a Judicial Review Board, and Senate.

Executive Council

  • Executive powers are held by the Executive Council.
  • Consists of the President, Vice-President, Executive Secretary, Treasurer, Chief of Staff and Executive Assistant.
  • President and Vice President are elected by the student body in the Spring Student Government Elections. All other members are appointed.

Judicial Review Board​​

  • Judicial powers are held by the Judicial Review Board.
  • Consists of a Chief Justice and four Associate Justices.
  • Have supreme jurisdiction in all cases involving offenses against provisions of the Constitution and the Bylaws of the Student Government Association.


  • Legislative powers are held by the Senate.
  • There are two senators for each college.​

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