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Legislative Board

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SGA Speaker of the House Meghana Karra ​​
​​​ Speaker of the House
Meghana Karra


Classification: Junior

Major(s): Health & Behavioral Sciences with a minor in Communications

Meghana Karra is majoring in Health & Behavioral Sciences with a minor in Communications in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. she plans to graduate by December 2021. Some of the projects which she has worked in SGA is in tabling events, Meet & Greet Candidates event, Walk 2 Vote. In her free time, she spends time with her family and loves to volunteer and take part in Indian Classical music events.

Senator of the Marilyn Davies College of Business Mario Torres Alfaro
Senator of the Marilyn Davies College of Business
Mario Torres Alfaro


Classification: Graduate

Major(s): Master’s in Business Administration – Sales Management and Business Development w/ Process Improvement

My name is Mario Torres Alfaro, I am a Graduate student, and have served as an officer of Student Government Association for the past three years, as a Senior Senator and as Speaker of the House. I obtained my Bachelor’s in Business Administration in UHD with a major in Management, and as one of my goals, I returned to school to complete my Master’s in Business Administration; I plan to complete my degree by 2021. I am first-generation student, who is always eager to learn new things, and eager to help anyone when needed. I work at an automotive repair facility, and I learned many skill concerning tires, automotive parts, and various repair procedures. I am very skillful with computers and electronic equipment, and I am bilingual as well; these lasts skills help me on my work, as I utilize my skills to communicate in an effective manner with customers and people who do not speak English, or need to translate both English and Spanish. Throughout my academic career, I have been involved with multiple committees, and organizations, which helped me to grow even further as a student and as a leader. My commitment towards my position is to guide the Senate towards serving the student body, and I look forward to hear from any student concerning anything they want to see change. I am open to work with anyone to help solve problems.

Senator of the Marilyn Davies College of Business Carlos Del Toro
Senator of the Marilyn Davies College of Business
Carlos Del Toro


Classification: Junior

Major(s): Management

Carlos Del Toro is the current Student Government Association Senator for the College of Business. He is a junior working towards his Bachelor’s degree in Management and will pursue a concentration in Human Resources. He is an advocate for change and plans to use his degree, knowledge and experience in hope of creating a better tomorrow for society. Outside of UHD Carlos is the Service and Engagement Team Leader for Target. His job consists of leading a team of inspired and motivated individuals through performance management to run processes and operations based on business needs to ultimately bring joy to every family that shops at Target.

Senator at Large Elise Poisot
Senator at Large​
Elise Poisot


Classification: Senior

Major(s): Business Management

Elise is a full-time student and will graduate with her bachelor's in business management this coming Spring. She loves hiking, biking, camping, and pretty much all things outdoors. She and her husband hiked the Pacific Crest Trail for 7 ½ months in 2018. It was the best experience of their lives and the pivotal point in which they decided to find a way to eventually move somewhere colder and mountainous.

Aside from her personal life, her professional life consisted of administrative work as a Document Controller in the Oil & Gas industry. She would like to continue doing document control or begin working in project management. Currently, Elise is an intern with the Epilepsy Foundation of TX where she manages outreach efforts to get Texans certified in Seizure First-Aid.

SGA Senior Senator Mona Farley​​
​​​ Senior Senator
Mona Farley


Classification: Senior

Major(s): Biology

Greetings to all!
​My name is Mona Farley, I am a Biology major and a recent SGA Senior Senator for the College of Science and Technology (CST). I begin my educational pursuit at Houston Community College (HCC), where I became a student mentor. I supported students in first-year college courses and encouraged them to establish a positive connection to the college. As an enrollment service assistant at the College, I not only played my role in supporting with registration and admissions duties, but I became a direct resource to many students. I also assisted with events that promoted diversity/inclusion and empower the student body and community. I am currently serving as a Community Engagement Intern at the Epilepsy Foundation of Texas through UHD Center for Community Engagement & Service Learning. I am excited to be a part of SGA. I looked forward to bringing my passion for serve and inclusivity in this role as CST Senior Senator, to serve the student body to the best of my ability. ​

Place Holder
Senior Senator
Gladys Chan


Classification: Junior

Major(s): Health and Behavioral Science

My name is Gladys Chan. I am a Junior at the University of Houston- Downtown majoring in Health and Behavioral Science. I am the senior senator for the College of Humanities and Social Science. I am originally from Hong Kong and moved to Houston when I was 13 years old. Since I moved to the country, I have been living with my sister who is 7 years older than me while my parents stayed in Hong Kong. I enjoy traveling around the world, watching movies, cooking, and baking. My dream after graduation is to work in the healthcare industry and help make an impact in this industry and assist people in receiving quality healthcare.

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SGA Senator Aamir Merchant
Senator at Large
Aamir Merchant


Classification: Junior

Major(s): Finance major

Hey there! I’m Aamir! I’m a Senator at Large for UHD and I’m also the recruitment for FMA. One of my main goals is to help students around campus getting around, getting them involved in campus, and guiding them with anything they need. One of my biggest achievements is that I made a billboard for UHD that is located around the Galleria area! If there’s anything you need, feel free to reach out to me!​

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