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Executive Board

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SGA President Modrow​​
Timoteo Alan Modrow


Classification: Senior

Major(s): B.S Political Science, B.A Communication Studies

Timoteo Alan Modrow is currently the Student Government Association President. He is a senior doing a double major in Political Science and Communication Studies. Over the past four years Timoteo has been able to lead and be a part of amazing programs and initiatives. Apart from his involvement in SGA, Timoteo serves on the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the Mayors Student Leadership Alliance, a Peer Mentor for incoming freshmen, founder of the Blue Coats Program and in other capacities. Through his involvement around campus he has found his calling and that is to help students navigate higher education. Through his academic career at UHD Timoteo has sought out ways to best serve the student body and engage them in all that UHD has to offer. This innovative spirit has led him to start organizations and initiatives. He currently connects with students through his social media which is @mr.uhd. Through this medium Timoteo has been able to connect with future, current, and past students. Timoteo believes that every student at UHD has a story to tell and he seeks to amplify the voices of students through the shared governance process.

SGA Vice-President Chavez
Leboriah Chavez



Classification: Senior

Major(s): BBA in Accounting minor Finance and Spanish

My name is Leboriah Chavez. I am proficient in my communication skills, and I have had the opportunity to socialize with different types of personalities/backgrounds, which helps me better understand society and our community. I am extremely passionate in helping others whether it be helping someone translate from Spanish to English, help someone enhance their resume, or helping at my local Food Bank or Animal Shelter. Being an open-minded woman has helped me build my confidence to take action when needed. Having leadership roles in organizations has contributed to my ability to thoughtfully act on any concerns, problems, or questions of any sort. I love transparency, I like to treat others the way I want to be treated and I believe that if you never try, you will never know the outcome and will forever wonder "what if". Having this mentality has helped me take advantage of all the opportunities at UHD (Go Gators!). As mentioned, transparency is a big factor to me and I am thankful that UHD gave me the opportunity to become a Correspondent to help other students that are in search of deadlines, events, alerts, important updates, or any sort of questions they might have.

​In conclusion, I believe that if you want to see a difference, we must be the difference. I am proud to be a UHD Gator. All of my efforts in my years served at UHD will be for the growth and enhancement of our wonderful UHD community. Thank you, stay safe and healthy!

SGA Secretary Sheila Ortega-Calvillo
Sheila Ortega-Calvillo


Classification: Senior

Major(s): Interdisciplinary Studies, Communications

Sheila is the Front Desk Student Assistant at the Student Affairs Division, where she provides students with relevant institution information and community resources needed for their success at UHD. Sheila has created and managed social media communications for Student Affairs, Student Counseling Services and is responsible for initiating SGA’s website renovation. She volunteers as the UHD Bike Club Director of Member Relations and supports the organizations mission to provide an opportunity for students to explore UHD’s neighborhood view and promote alternative transportation that UHD has made accessible through designated bike lanes and spaces. ​

SGA chief of Staff Tatum
Chief of Staff
Shenaedra Shay Tatum


Classification: Graduate

Major(s): Non-Profit Management

I am the previous SGA President of the 2019-2020 academic year and have dedicated my time and resources to make sure that my college and the student body is represented in the Student Government. I am a Nonprofit Management Major. I have consistently been on campus and I am always willing to help support other organizations as well as students to be successful at their events and in their classes. I am a constant reminder of the true meaning of a non-traditional student and I make sure that not only am I committed to what I do, but I also make sure that it is done successfully.

I have been active in Student Government for 4 semesters and some of these events I helped to create were, “Around the World”, this event is where students from different cultures interact and get to experience a culture and will hopefully understand their difference. I also created events like “Know Your Status”, where there is on campus STD/HIV testing for all and “Times Up’ this event focused on campus sexual assault. My presence here on campus has been positive and encouraging to all. I hope to be the voice of the Graduate Student Body in SGA as the current Chief of Staff.

SGA Director of External Affairs Camila
Director of External Affairs​
Camila Sandoval


Classification: Senior

Major(s): Marketing

Hello! I’m Camila and I am a senior at UHD! I am not a Houston native, my home-town is actually San Antonio, but I have fallen in love with Houston and all that it has to offer! I am a marketing major and I absolutely love my chosen career path. I serve as the President of the American Marketing Association at UHD and I’d love to welcome you, no matter what your major is! Your future is important and it is nice to venture out into new experiences. I have a passion for helping people, overall health and wellness, and I also love the outdoors. I am active in the marketing community in Houston, volunteering and attending networking events, and love to meet new people and learn new things and perspectives. I love UHD, it’s definitely a special place and I am proud to serve as a student leader here. Feel free to reach out and connect with me! ​

SGA Director of Student Engagement Xiomara Herrera
Director of Student Engagement
Xiomara Herrera



Major(s): History with Spanish and Criminal Justice minors

My name is Xiomara Herrera and I am currently a Junior at UHD. I previously served as the Director of External Affairs and I am looking forward to another wonderful year. One of my other engagements around campus is playing soccer for UHD Women's Soccer. I absolutely LOVE the sport and can talk about it all day. I am also a proud sister of Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority in the UHD XI Chapter. I’m also a member of UHD’s Pre-Law Association and plan to attend law school after graduating from UHD. I am a people's person and love to have different conversions with my peers. I also enjoy volunteering in my community and helping anyone in need. I like the outdoors especially going finishing and hiking. I am not from Houston, I was born in El Salvador, but lived in this amazing city since I was 6 years old. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my friends, family, and my pets. Please not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or simply want someone to talk with.​

SGA Director of Community Engagement Kassandra Aparicio
Director of Community Engagement
Kassandra Aparicio


Classification: Sophomore

Major(s): Criminal Justice

My name is Kassandra Jamile Aparicio. I am a sophomore at the University of Houston- Downtown. I am currently 20 years old and I am graduating in 2022. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas but I am a proud mixed Latina. My mother is Mexican, and my father is Salvadorian. I am planning on getting a Criminal Justice Major and a Political Science minor. My goal is to go to Law School after graduation and become a Lawyer to help reform our Criminal Justice System. Hopefully after that I can follow my aspiration of becoming a Judge. I am the daughter of an immigrant family and therefore I know the struggles that immigrants face on a daily basis. Because of this I am a passionate supporter and advocate for them. I spend my time doing community service for the immigrant community.

In regard to SGA, I have ​been a part of this organization since my freshman year. I was a University College Senator for a year and half. I believe that to see a difference, we have to be the difference. We cannot expect others to create the change we are wanting to see. We have to stand up and take action for what we believe.

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