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COO Past Agendas & Minutes

COO 2019-2020 Agenda & Minutes

Fall 2019

DateLocationAgenda ​Approv​ed Minutes
​September 6thA436
​October 4thA436
​November 1stA436
​December 6thA436 ​​​​

Spring 2020

DateLocationAgenda ​Approv​ed Minutes
January 24thGirard Building - Milam and Travis
February 14thGirard Building - Milam and Travis
​​March 6thCommerce Building - C100
​April 3rdCommerce Building - C100

COO 2018-2019 Agenda & Minutes

DateLocationAgenda ​Approv​ed Minutes
August 3rd​​ Zoom - Online​​ Revised Agenda  
​September 7thA405 Agenda Minutes
​October 5thA436 Agenda Minutes
​November 2ndA436 Agenda Minutes
​December 7thN1099 Agenda​​​​ Minutes

DateLocationAgenda ​Approv​ed Minutes
February 1st​​A436 Agenda
​March 1stA436 Agenda
​April 5thA436 Agenda Minutes
April 26thA436 Agenda Minutes


COO 2017-2018 Agenda & Minutes

DateLocationAgenda ​Approv​ed Minutes
September 15th​​​​A436AgendaMinutes
​October 6th​White Oak RoomAgenda​​Minutes
​November 3rd ​GSB 307 ​​​​​
​December 1st​N1099 Minutes​​
​January 5th GSB 307 ​​​
​February 2nd S-204N​ Agenda
​March 2nd ​GSB 307​​Minutes
​April 6thGSB 307​​​Agenda​​​​Minutes
​May 4th​N1099​​​Agenda​​​​Minutes
Irene Nunez, COO Chair

McDonald Nwosu,COO Associate Chair
Evelyn Garcia, Secretary
Evelyn Garcia

COO 2016-2017 Agenda and Minutes

DateAgenda ​Approv​ed Minutes
​September 2nd​AgendaMinutes
​October 7thAgendaMinutes
​November 4thAgendaMinutes​​
​December 2ndAgenda​​Minutes​​

DateAgenda ​Approv​ed Minutes
​February 3rdAgenda​​Minutes​​​
​March 3rdAgenda​​Minutes​​
​April 7thAgendaMinutes​​
​May 5th
COO Chair:
Dara Moore-Washington,

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