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  1. Tail-Gatoring spaces are assigned when the Tail-Gatoring registration form and the fee are received.  Spaces are reserved on a first reserved, first paid basis. Registration for Tail-Gatoring spaces is done online at

  2. The registration is completed when payment is submitted in person at the UHD Student Life Center by Oct. 13th, 5 PM.
  3. Tail- Gatoring rules and a TAIL- GATOR Parking Pass will be issued upon payment. The original psrking pass is needed to enter the Tail- Gatoring meter parking lot and park. The vehicle must be parked in the space corresponding with the TAIL- GATOR Parking Pass.
  1. Standard Tailgate Space Fee is $20.00 (Consists of 2 Parking Spaces, approximately 17 ft x 18 ft)
    Premium Tailgate Space Fee is $30.00 (Consists of 3 Parking Spaces, approximately 26 ft x 18 ft)
  1. Tail-Gatoring set-up will start at 7 AM on Oct 16th.  
  1. The Tail-Gatoring meter parking lot will be closed to all traffic between 10am - 3pm for the safety of our Tail-Gatoring participants and attendees.  Teams must be set up by 10AM. Vehicles cannot remain parked in the parking lot between 10am-3pm.  Vehicles can enter the lot to drop off and pick up supplies before 10am and after 3pm.
  1. You must supply all the necessities to produce food (cooking equipment, utensils, ingredients, etc.).  No tables, chairs, power or tents will be provided by UHD.  Teams must bring their own items, including trash ba​gs and ice.
  1. You are responsible for the set-up (tables, chairs, decorations etc.) and the clean-up and removal (trash, coals) of your all items needed for your Tail-Gatoring space.

  2. Please be respectful to those around your Tail-Gatoring area.
  1. Music that is extremely loud or contains profane, explicit or inappropriate lyrics will NOT be permitted.
  1. Those choosing to consume alcohol must obtain a wristband from the Tail-Gatoring Hospitality Tent.
  1. Alcohol must be consumed within the Tail-Gatoring event location of the meter lot. Individuals are not permitted to walk outside the immediate event grounds with alcohol.
  1. The following WILL NOT BE PERMITTED: NO glass bottles, KEGS, drinking games, binge drinking or devices intended to accelerate the consumption of alcohol.

  2. NO FOOD OR BEVERAGE SALES is permitted in the Tail-Gatoring area.


To register for Tail-Gatoring and other UHD Homecoming activities or to volunteer visit or call 713-221-8225 for more information.

Last updated 10/5/2021 7:48 AM