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  1. A team must be UHD affiliated (UHD student, employee, organization, department, alumni) to enter the Best Tail-Gator Competition.
  2. Prizes for the winning team in Best Appetizer, Best Entrée, and Best Dessert will be one Best Tail-Gator banner and a t-shirt for each team member (6).
  3. The prize for the top Best Tail-Gator for student clubs/organization is $250.00, and the prize for the Best Tail-Gator for non-student clubs/organization is $250.00.
  4. A team wishing to enter the Tail-Gator Competition must first register for a Tail-Gatoring space online by 5 pm on October 13th. Visit the Tail-Gatoring Registration page at  
  5. Tail-Gatoring spots are being reserved on a first paid, first served basis. A limited numbers of spots are available.
  6. After submitting the Tail-Gatoring space registration online, a team must complete the Tail-Gator Competition registration form online and submit it.
  7. A team must come to the UHD Student Life Center 3rd Floor counter to complete registration and: pay for your Tail-Gatoring competition; $5 for each competition entered.
  8. A team must indicate participation in Best Tail-Gator, Best Appetizer, Entrée and Dessert at the time of the online registration.
  9. There is a maximum of 6 members per team, not including guests.
  10. A team may access its assigned Tail-Gatoring space beginning at 7 AM on October 16th.
  11. Teams must supply all the necessities to produce food (cooking equipment, utensils, ingredients, etc.). NO tables, chairs, power, or tents will be provided by UHD. Teams must bring their own items, including own trash bags.
  12. Teams are responsible for the setup and cleanup of tailgating area.
  13. Each team can be as creative as they want.  Example: decorate you​r space, have a team theme, wear team T-shirts. 
  14. The Best Tail-Gator Competition food item may NOT be professionally prepared, catered or deliveredAll food including the desserts must be prepared and cooked on site.
  15. A team may submit any entrée, dessert, and/or appetizer. Only one entry per category may be entered.
  16. Any ingredients for your food or dessert can be pre-packaged (ex. chopped items like tomatoes, onions and peppers can be pre-chopped at home).
  17. A team must thoroughly cook all meats, and properly store food at appropriate temperatures to prevent food borne illnesses.
  18. A team must provide enough food sample for the panel of judge of five (5) judges.
  19. No food samples will be accepted in any other food container than the one provided to the team upon check-in.
  20. Open flames are allowed but all barbecue pits left unattended must be extinguished.  



At least five judges will determine the winning Best Tail-Gator entries of Best Appetizer, Best Entrée, and Best Dessert.  The judges will also determine the "Best Tail-Gator".   

  • Judging for Best Tail-Gator will take place at approximately 12:30 pm and the winner will be announced at 2:30 pm.
  • Food samples must be submitted to the food-judging tent by 1 pm - NO LATE SAMPLES WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  • Food Judging will take place at approximately 1:30 pm and winners will be announced at 2:30 pm.


Best Tail-Gator: (Categories: Booth Attendance, Decoration, Hospitality, and Originality)

Best Appetizer (Categories: Aroma, Taste, Texture, Originality, and Presentation)

Best Entrée (Categories: Aroma, Taste, Texture, Originality, and Presentation)

Best Dessert (Categories: Aroma, Taste, Texture, Originality, and Presentation)

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