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Trainer Bios

Name: Jhon Ortiz

National Academy of Sport Medicine and CPR certified.

Years in fitness: 3 years

Interests/Achievements: Deeply interested in health and well-being of individuals and the public. My career goals is to study physical therapy or be involve health administration. My personal fitness achievements has been motivating my best friend, long time girlfriend, and others to workout to the point they enjoy it, in which this journey for better health began.

Fun Fact:  I have the same birthday as The Rock. Im left handed.

Favorite Exercise:  the Impossible Pull Up

Name: Kiara Arroyo-Andrade

Certifications/Training: Certified in Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA)

Years in fitness: I've been taking fitness classes at UHD ever since I started the UHD CHALLENGE which was back in 2013 (I was a freshman) but on and off. I started to train consistently less than a year ago and I became more disciplined after becoming AFAA certified in May 2018.



-I am interested in aiding people in their fitness journey to a healthier lifestyle

-Constantly learning and growing in knowledge in the fitness industry


-Dancing and yoga



-Former UHD Ms. Fitness (2016-17)

-Received a certificate of completion for conquering the UHD CHALLENGE (Fall 2017)


Fun Fact: I like stretching and I enjoy training with friends who have similar goals as I do.

Favorite Exercise: Deadlift 


Name: Robert Gonzales 

Certifications/Training: AFAA, American Red Cross CPR 

Years in fitness: 4

Interests/Achievements: Physical Therapy, Personal Training 

Fun Fact: I played Football in Canada 

Favorite Exercise: Anything with Arms! 


Name: Tai D. Hoang

Certification/Training: CPR certified, AFAA PT certified

Years in fitness: 2

Interests: Fishing

Fun Fact: I can rapidly shake my eyes.

Favorite Exercise: Front Squats













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