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Bowling Tournament (Men's and Women's)

  • Intramural Bowling

  • Intramural Bowling

  • Intramural Bowling

The University of Houston-Downtown intramural bowling tournament presents one of the most exciting events in the sport of bowling for men and women. Students get the chance to expand and increase their skills- all while having fun and getting exercise. Everyone is welcome to join, from beginners to experts, so get the most out of your student experience and register today. All participants will receive a Sports and Fitness t-shirt.

Fall 2017 General Information


Fall 2017 General Information
Entry Period: Entry Period: October 30th - November 10th
Tournament Date: Sunday, November 12th at 1:30pm
Location: University of Houston Game Rooms
Entry Fee: $5 per individual. Register online (hyperlink to subpage)
Divisions: Men's Competitive, Women's Competitive, Just For Fun

Eligibility Requirements

  • UHD intramural bowling (men's and women's) is open to current UHD students, employees and Sports and Fitness alumni members
  • All players must bring a valid UHD ID or S&F Membership Card in order to play

Rules of Play

  • Teams consist of at least 1 player
  • The scores for all 3 games for each player will be totaled
  • the highest cumulative score will determine the winner of the tournament
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