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‚ÄčThe Challenge was developed to reward our members for incorporating a healthy lifestyle. By participating in the various programs offered by Sports & Fitness, members are eligible to accumulate points which can earn great incentive items as water bottles, t-shirts, shorts, hooded sweatshirts and gyms bags. Incentive items are displayed on the second floor of the Student Life Center.

In addition to the opportunity to earn great prizes, Sports & Fitness offers free fitness assessments and affordably priced personal training sessions. This component of The Challenge provides an opportunity for members to learn about the various dimensions of physical fitness. The assessment will be performed by a certified personal trainer who will conduct a series of tests concluded by a consultation session. For individualized training programs, motivation and accountability tracking, certified personal trainers may be hired for only $15 for UHD students and $20 for all other Sports & Fitness members.

How do members join? Registration for The Challenge is easy. Complete a red registration form found on the 2nd floor of the Student Life Center and turn it in to a student staff member.

Is there a charge to join The Challenge? The Challenge is free to all Sports & Fitness members.

How do members earn incentive items? Upon turning in the registration form, a digital profile will be created. Prior to participation in one of the many programs offered, visit the 2nd floor desk and a Sports & Fitness employee will sign each member in using your UHD 900#. Upon completion of each event or activity, return to the 2nd floor to sign out. Members will receive a letter via email confirming how many incentive points they have on record. Points may be carried over from semester to semester. These points make members eligible for the prizes displayed in The Challenge incentive cabinet. 

How do members earn prizes? Each incentive item has a point value. A letter indicating what has been earned will be emailed to the members using the email address provided at registration. During the next visit to the Student Life Center, the member may ask an employee to assist in collecting the earned items. Note: points do not go away, they continue to accumulate for additional prizes.

Spring Fitness Challenges

Take part in our monthly fitness challenges. Winner will win a t-shirt and earn points that will go towards the Mr. & Ms. Fitness Challenge. Sign up on the 2nd floor during the designated week.

February 17th - February 21st Most sit ups in one minute

March 23rd- March 27th Most stairs climbed

April 20th-April 24th Longest plank held

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