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Name: Robert Gonzales 

Certifications/Training: AFAA, American Red Cross CPR 

Years in fitness: 4

Interests/Achievements: Physical Therapy, Personal Training 

Fun Fact: I played Football in Canada 

Favorite Exercise: Anything with Arms! 


Name: Mathew Perez

Years in fitness: 4+

Why I became a Fitness Professional: I have a passion for fitness and I love to help people reach there fitness goals. Its exciting to see a client grow and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Interests/Achievements: I love to workout if that wasn't already a given. I love to train my back and as well as working on core. Losing and gaining are both very fun to me because of the challenge both take physical and mentally.

Certifications: ACE, CPR

​Favorite Exercise: Pull-ups or anything with back.

Name: Josesph Precella

Years in Fitness:
Why I became a Fitness Professional: Being able to share my passion for fitness and helping others grow.
Interests/Achievements: Lifting, running, eating, gaming, and always trying new things! Working out 6x a week and reaching daily and weekly goals with myself and my clients.
Certifications: ACE, CPR
Favorite Exercise: Leg Press and Lunges

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