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Name: Alicia Dugar

Certification: E-RYT 200, Restorative Yoga

Years in Fitness: 4

Interests/ Achievements: Learning new things, Crystal Reiki

Fun Fact: I like riding in my Jeep with no doors

Favorite Exercise: Yoga!

Name: Alicia Ipiña

U-Jam Fitness

Years in fitness: 3

Interests/Achievements: I love to dance and spending time with friends. I am getting a B.A. in Mathematics and a secondary education certification.Fun Fact: I do henna designs (sometimes for free).

Favorite Exercise: Squats 

Name: Ana Garza

 Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED, CPR Certified
Years in fitness: 4

Interests/Achievements: HIIT, mathematics major, animal shelter volunteer

Fun Fact: I'm a nail artist

Favorite Exercise: Deadlifts

Name: Antoinette Hagger

 AFAA, Pop Pilates, Tabata, CPR

Years in fitness: 20

Fun Fact: Love to travel

Favorite Exercise: Kickboxing 

Antoinette Hagger.jpg
Name: Dr. Charlie Finch

ACE/AFFA Personal Training/Group Exercise

Years in fitness: 30+

Interests/Achievements: Gamer/Assistant Dean

Fun Fact: 
51/Single father

Favorite Exercise: 
Walking lunges

​Name: Keisha Thompson

Certifications/Training: Certified AFAA Personal Trainer, Yoga Fit Level 1, TABATA Training, BODYSHRED, and CPR/AED/FIRST AID certified 

Years in fitness: 16 

Interests/Achievements: Teaching the unteachable, Dancing with passion, and climbing Mount Everest 

Fun Fact: Hilariously witty 

Favorite Exercise: Watching other people exercise

Name: Elizabeth Rico Ibarra

Certifications/Training: CF Level 1 Certified 

Years in fitness: 12 

Jewelry making (DIY)/Small Business Owner

Fun Fact: scared of water (swimming) and encountering bears in the wild ;-/!!!

Favorite Exercise: 
pushups and hiking

lisa pic.png

Name: Renee M. Hinojosa Valadez, MDS, RDN, LD

Certifications/Training: Zumba, Pound Fit

Years in fitness: 17

Interests/Achievements: Salsa Dancing, Lifting, Musical Theatre, Tap Dancing, Music

Fun Fact: I do community musical theatre in Houston and I have a dog named Nala!

Favorite Exercise: Dead Lift

Name: Robert Gonzales 

Certifications/Training: AFAA, American Red Cross CPR 

Years in fit
ness: 4

Interests/Achievements: Physical Therapy, Personal Training 

Fun Fact: I played Football in Canada 

Favorite Exercise: Anything with Arms! 


Name: Sandry Vergel

Certifications/Training:  Zumba Basic 1, Zumba Basic 2, Zumba Toning,          Zumba Sentao, Zumba Gold, Zumba Kids, Zumba Kids Jr, Zumba Step 1,          Zumba Step 2, Zumba Pro Skill, Aqua Zumba, Strong by Zumba

ZIN member

Zumba Convention Training (2011 – 2017)

Adult and Child First Aid/CPR/AED Certified conducted by American Red Cross

Years in fitness: 13

Interests/Achievements: Dancing and Helping others reach their fitness goals.

My greatest achievement is to grow every day in Dance.  Through Dance, I am able to overcome many obstacles.  Being able to maintain a healthy lifestyle is my priority.  Using Dance as a medium/vector to express my gratitude, deliver the message about music's universal language where both children and adult alike are able to create their own party, feel free, and at the same moment transform their body, mind, and soul.  We can all achieve this with the fusion of music and dance.  My Zumba classes are my biggest accomplishments.  Being able to witness everyone's happiness, having fun while enjoying the class, and to see their testimonies on how Dance transforms their lives.  For this reason, "Yo Bailo La Vida"  "I Dance Life".


Fun Fact:  Started dancing since I was a baby in Venezuela, Enjoy Tropical Island and Beaches.

Favorite Exercise: Zumba Toning

Name: Yazmin Grepares 

Certifications/Training: Zumba, Zumba tone, Yoga, Fit sculpting, cycling 
Years in fitness: 13

Interests/Achievements: Helping people look and feel their best. Love to dance and sing. Studying toward BA in criminal justice at UHD

Fun Fact: I like opera and I can eat raw oysters every day 

Favorite Exercise: Zumba toning, because I can work on my cardio and strength at the same time. 


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