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Writers Submission:

Dateline encourages submissions from both advanced and beginning writers, bloggers and vloggers, photographers and artists. We are a multi-platform Publication that has a focus towards the future. People of all backgrounds, sexual orientations, and gender are encouraged to submit. As the official student-published newspaper for the University of Houston-Downtown we are proud to represent its diversity.

Dateline welcomes submissions to the editor from any member of the UH system. Submissions should include the author’s full name, phone number or email address, and affiliation with the University, including classification and major. Anonymous submissions will not be published.

Email submissions to or through the form below. Letters to the Editor and reader submissions may be edited for space, content, spelling, grammar and malicious, vulgar, or hateful statements.

For more information, please download the complete PDF version of the Writer Guidelines.

Photography Tips:

Photography is a good way to express yourself without saying words. The saying goes “a picture can say a thousand words” is true. So, to capture the truth in every shot, here are a few tips to try.

  • Apply techniques such as rule of 3rds and rules of symmetry to create good composition
  • Capture emotions
  • Capture iconic moments
  • Tell a story
  • Use unique lighting and color
  • Use a unique perspective

For more tips of how to take great photos, please visit

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